Monday, August 21, 2017

Protect Our Kids from Cold and Flu Season.

We are right in the midst of cold virus season and Flu season is fast approaching. Make sure to get your children vaccinated against the Flu before it hits. Our School Telehealth program is available to help diagnose those symptoms quickly and keep your family away from those long waits in the ER or urgent care centers. Please make sure you have turned in your School Telehealth enrollment forms. Need another one? Your school nurse has them. We want all students enrolled in this amazing program!

Emergency Preparedness

As world events continue to focus on terrorism and natural disasters, questions arise about emergency preparedness in our schools. At the District level, the Superintendent maintains contact with local officials, including law enforcement and emergency responders. The District Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is reviewed annually and updated as needed.

Campus EOPs are specific to each campus, require annual training for all staff members, and include a campus hazard assessment. During the school year, drills are conducted to help students and employees practice lock-downs, shelter-in-place situations, and/or evacuation procedures. Campus administrators use the results of these drills to determine if procedural changes are needed.

If a campus lock-down occurs, parents should be aware that no one will be allowed to enter the building except emergency responders. Students will not be permitted to leave the building until the appropriate responding agency determines it is safe to do so. Following a campus lock-down, students may be released to parents in an organized manner, following campus procedures.

For security reasons, details about possible evacuation sites will not be released. The nature and proximity of the emergency (or threat) will determine which evacuation sites to use. If an evacuation occurs, parents should monitor local media for information about where and when to pick up their children.

Other forms of communicating emergency information may include:

  • Classroom telephones
  • District website
  • Print media
  • District cell phones
  • Remind 101
  • Twitter
  • Blackboard Connect

It is imperative for parents to provide schools with accurate, up-to-date emergency contact numbers. Additionally, parents should designate in writing the name & contact information for each person who is permitted to pick up their children. As information changes, parents must inform the schools immediately.

Denison ISD is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students and staff. For additional information, contact Randy Reid, DISD Assistant Superintendent / Emergency Operations Coordinator at (903)462-7036 or via email: