The History of Our School


The first Hyde Park School opened in 1891. The building was located on Coffin Street at the corner of Bluebonnet on land donated by Mr. J.T. Ford. Inside the one room building were double desks and across the front of the room were long benches where lessons were recited. In front of these seats was a raised platform where children performed plays, participated in spelling matches and recited speeches. On Sundays the building was also used for church services.

The original building closed in 1957. The teacher at the time of the closing was Mae Jones who transferred to the new building. Children came from the old building along with other children from this area who had been going to Denison schools.

The first teachers were:

First Grade - Katherine Summers

Second Grade - Mae Jones

Third Grade - Charlene Black

Fourth Grade - Edith Sawyer

Fifth Grade - Gwen Schwadlenak

Sixth Grade - James Beasley & Mary Turner ( each half a day )

Principal - James Beasley


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The new six-room Hyde Park School opened on November 17, 1957. Two more classrooms were added in 1959. In 1963 a new wing was added to the school with two classrooms, teacher's lounge and nurse's office.

Hyde Park Elementary presently has eighteen classrooms. In the spring of 1999 construction of two classrooms, a Learning Resource Center and a multipurpose room was completed. Along with these additions the cafeteria was expanded to include additional space and a stage for school performances. 

Further construction in 2012 added five administrative offices, a teacher workroom, and nine classrooms to the property.


Today Hyde Park Elementary has twenty-nine classrooms, a cafeteria, a gym, a learning resource center, two teacher workrooms, a nurse’s office, and five administrative offices.