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The Denison ISD Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of each month (in most cases). Please refer to the School Board Meeting Calendar page to verify meeting dates.


The Denison ISD Board of Trustees meets at 6:30 pm in the Bruce T. Hibbett Board Room in the Denison ISD Administration Building located at 1201 S. Rusk. The meetings are open to the public.  



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December 15, 2020

Published for DISD employees on the morning after school board meetings


NOTE: Attachments for agenda items can be viewed by visiting the Board of Trustees agenda site at  Board Book - Denison ISD Meetings


Denison ISD Board Vice President Ken Altnether called to order the Regular Meeting of the Denison ISD Board of Trustees on December 15, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. in the Bruce T. Hibbett Board Room at the Denison ISD Administration Building. Following the roll call and welcome, Mr. Altnether gave an overview of the role of DISD Board Trustees who work and serve to meet the educational needs of more than 4,500 Denison ISD students: “As a Denison ISD board of trustees we are here to set goals, listen to reports, approve budgets & contracts and make policy for the district. It is not the role of the board to make day to day operational decisions. The management and day to day operations of the district are the responsibility of the superintendent. We have policies and procedures in place to resolve concerns and issues. This is a public meeting of the board of trustees, not a meeting of the public. Prior to this meeting, board trustees received information related to items on tonight’s agenda. Agenda items will not necessarily be handled in the order listed on the notice. The meeting is open to all who wish to attend and hear the matters discussed.” The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag led was presented, followed by the invocation by Dr. David Kirkbride. DISD Board Vice President Ken Altnether presented the Denison ISD Board’s Vision Statement as follows: The Denison Independent School District will inspire, enable and encourage all students to learn, grow and succeed in a global society. Following the opening procedures, Board members took time to read cards greeting cards addressed to the Board. Many of the cards expressed gratitude and thanks for the approval of the retention bonuses and the “Pause for Applause” days.  Mr. Altnether also wanted to give thanks to the Denison ISD administration for their support of the Board and the staff in the schools. Becky Russell asked that we take a moment to recognize the passing of Denison ISD icon Mrs. Mary Lou King. Mrs. King was a long-standing part of the Denison ISD family as a teacher, a board member and continued to substitute teach for many years. Following the Board comments, minutes from the previous meeting were approved. All routine business was approved.



It is the intent of the Request for Proposal to solicit bids for professional LAN Support services for Denison Independent School District. The District invited proposals from respondents to provide technical support and network maintenance for the district’s enterprise network. The work is scheduled to be performed from December 1, 2020- November 30, 2023 with the option of 4 additional 1 year extensions with mutual agreement by both parties. Attached is a tabulation of bids received for LAN services. As recommended, the Board of Trustees awarded the LAN RFP to Aardvark.



The approval of the 2021-22 budget calendar begins the budget development process for the district. All meetings are subject to change dependent upon the availability of budget and funding information. As recommended, the Board of Trustees approved the 2021-22 Budget Calendar as presented.



The 2020 Tax Roll and Tax Levy have been received from Bruce Stidham, the Grayson County Tax Assessor/Collector. Denison ISD’s net current taxes levied are

$29,326,472.13. This represents an 2.93% increase from the 2019 Tax Levy.

  • 2020 Total Taxable Value: $ 2,375,685,444

  • 2020 Total Tax Levy: $ 29,326,472.13

As recommended, the Board of Trustees approved the 2020 Tax Roll and 2020 Tax Levy.



In the event the Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) provision of Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) are not extended by the United States Congress beyond December 31, 2020, the District proposes to continue to offer employees current protections of EPSL for current qualifying events and circumstances authorized by the FFCRA. This resolution also extends the Local COVID-19 leave authorized by the Board of Trustees on August 17, 2020. As recommended, the Board of Trustees approved the resolution as presented.



The Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) pulls together a wide range of information on the performance of students in each school and district in Texas every year. Performance is shown disaggregated by student groups, including ethnicity and socioeconomic status. The report also provides extensive information on school and district staff, programs, and student demographics. The TAPR is available in two forms:

  • An online TAPR system is more comprehensive and dynamic than in previous years.

  • A shortened PDF version which includes major data points that allow districts to fulfill their public notification requirements. The PDF TAPR and the comprehensive TAPR Glossary are available on the Texas Education Agency web site.

The online TAPR system is updated with district and campus academic performance, financial reports, and staff, program, and student demographic data as soon as it becomes available. The new comprehensive TAPR system provides details of district and campus academic performance with financial reports and information about staff, programs, and demographics. Due to the extraordinary public health and safety circumstances and the closure of schools during the state’s 2020 testing window, the state could not accurately measure district and campus performance. The 2020 accountability rating issued to all districts and campuses for 2020 is Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster.

In the absence of 2020 assessment data, some data in the 2019-2020 District and Campus TAPRs indicate 2019 performance.

  • Student Achievement (2019 data): STAAR Performance - District and campus

results for the June and December 2018 End of Course (EOC) assessments (grades

9-12) and Spring 2019 STAAR grades 3-8 and EOC assessments

  • Student Achievement: College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) – Measures

graduates’ preparedness for college, the workforce, or the military

  • Graduation Rate – A four, five, and six-year longitudinal rate

  • Dropout Rate – Percentages for school years 2017-18 and 2018-19

  • School Progress (2019 data): Academic Growth – Improving performance year over year as measured by STAAR progress measures and performance levels

  • School Progress (2019 data): Relative Performance – The achievement of all students relative to districts or campuses with similar economically disadvantaged percentages

  • Closing the Gaps (2019 data) – Uses disaggregated data to demonstrate differentials among racial/ethnic groups, socioeconomic backgrounds and other factors

  • STAAR Participation (2019 data)

  • Attendance – Percentages for school years 2017-2018 and 2018-19 compared to state

and region. The TAPR report contains information on student enrollment by grade level, ethnic distributions, economically disadvantaged, graduates by class and type, retention rates, kindergarten readiness, post-secondary outcomes, and staff information.


Denison ISD 2019-2020 Texas Academic Performance Report

DENISON ISD – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

DENISON HIGH SCHOOL – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

PATHWAYS HIGH SCHOOL – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

SCOTT MIDDLE SCHOOL – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

B MCDANIEL INTERMEDIATE– 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

HOUSTON ELEMENTARY – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

HYDE PARK ELEMENTARY – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

LAMAR ELEMENTARY – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

MAYES ELEMENTARY – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster

TERRELL ELEMENTARY – 2020 Accountability Rating: Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster



According to Texas Education Code, §11.185, in the July Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted annual goals for five school years to reach quantifiable goals for student performance in the three areas of early childhood literacy proficiency, early childhood mathematics proficiency, and college, career, and military readiness (CCMR). In order to inform the Board of Trustees regarding students’ progress toward meeting the established goals in early childhood literacy and mathematics proficiency, the following Pre-Kindergarten data is presented. Using the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System on the CLI Engage Platform, Pre-Kindergarten students were administered beginning of the year assessments in early literacy and mathematics. We will use the following reporting schedule to inform the Board regarding student progress

toward meeting the established House Bill 3 Goals:

  • December – Pre-Kindergarten Circle Assessments

  • January – College and Career Military Readiness

  • June – Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Reading Inventories and Math Benchmarks

  • August or September – 3rd Grade STAAR Reading and Math Scores



The follow resignations were accepted, effective at the end of December:

  • Marjory Eaton – Special Education Diagnostician, retirement

  • Gabrielle Morgan – Speech Pathologist, Terrell Elementary School




DISD superintendent Dr. Henry Scott said he can’t brag enough about how our people have stepped up during this unprecedented time. He stated that he is very glad that we haven’t had to shut down any campuses due to the COVID pandemic. Dr. Scott said he realizes that all that the campus administrators and teachers, food service employees, custodial and maintenance employees and transportation department have been highly stressed but he is very proud of how the staff has risen to the challenge and is getting the job done. He said that he is excited to work with a Board that recognizes the importance of rewarding staff for hard work and is looking forward to distributing the retention bonus checks to each employee this week. Dr. Scott shared with the Board that all DISD employees see the them as a true partner in education.

There being no further business, Board vice President Ken Altnether adjourned the meeting.

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