Bus Transportation Routes


Please make certain that parents and guardians have read, and are familiar with, all Denison ISD rules for bus transportation riders. You may view the rules by clicking the link below.

Parents and guardians must complete a Denison ISD Bus Transportation Request Form in order for their student to become bus rider. Click the link below to access the form.


Denison ISD Transportation utilizes the Infofinder program to help parents determine which bus route their student will ride. No Special Needs or Head Start Routes will be available on this site. You would need to contact the directors of those programs individually.

Please take the time to Register on this site.  It will allow us to contact you with any pertinent information when needed.


When using this site please enter your address fully, including N, E, S, W and St., Ave., Blvd,  etc.  Do NOT use punctuation of any kind, no periods, dashes, etc.   Make sure your zip code is correct.  If you are uncertain, try entering everything except the zip code. 

If you have students for more than one school, it is best to specify a single school at a time, do not  choose "all schools" or a specific grade.  You will only need to enter the address once, and then just change your school choice and hit search again to get the result for each student. 

Once you click on search, your available routes & stops will show on the map and in the info window.  Hovering your cursor over the school will also bring up your school’s information.


Clicking on the Denison ISD Logo will take you to the District Website. 

If you do not get a return on your search it may be because it falls within the 2 mile boundary. Only those students living more than 2 miles from the school are eligible for transportation.  We do have designated Hazard Zones that are exceptions.  They are as follows:

  • If a student must cross US HWY 75  -  Austin Ave  -  SPUR 503  - W. MORTON ST. - 

  • or walk along E TEXAS up to S 9th, to reach their school, they would be eligible to transport.



Examples of things you may see   

  • (LM)  School abbreviation (see the list above) behind a stop would mean only that school may use this stop   (NO LM)  The addition of the word NO would mean that schools students are not eligible at that stop.  Any campus may show these examples.  (Early)  Means an "early" trip will be made for students closest to school to manage bus loads. (Late)  Will mean students at that school will be picked up at the same time, however this group of students would remain on the bus to ride home after the older students are picked up and then on to their stops which are much further away. 

  • Please Note:  There are buses that may serve several schools, but only pick up specific grades/schools from certain areas.  You may see all the schools a route serves listed, even though they only pick up particular grades /schools  in certain areas.  For example: on route 3, on the rural parts of the route, it picks up all grades at the same time, however, once in town it only picks up Mayes elementary students.   So in that instance you would see (MA) behind the stop meaning only Mayes students in that area.  The "NO" and campus initials behind any stop will mean that school is not eligible for transportation at that stop. 

  • On rural routes, you may see stops that state "ALONG" a certain road.  This will mainly be seen where there are often no actual intersections.

  • In these instance’s your student would be picked up "ALONG" the roadway at the end of your drive.  They would need to be in a safe area, NOT standing on the roadway, and be clearly visible to the driver as the bus approaches.  Students cannot be in the house or down a drive, on a porch etc., they need to be standing at the bus stop in a safe manner. 

  • Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately for the weather while waiting for the bus. 

  • Be advised that all DISD Regular Ed students will be released to their assigned stop regardless of the presence of a parent or guardian. 

  • We do not require, but do encourage parents with children in K through 2nd to be at the bus stop, or have a responsible adult meet the bus in the afternoons.  This assures your bus driver that your child is in safe hands. 

  • Bus stop times are posted to reflect the expected time the bus should arrive during good weather.  Inclement weather or traffic congestion may cause the route to run later.  We require the students to be at the stops 10 minutes before the posted time to avoid missing the bus. 

  • Bus transportation is a privilege and should be treated as such. The rules and regulations should be discussed with your student.  The rules explain the actions that will be taken for misconduct.  Our job is to transport your children to their schools safely, without undo distraction. 

Before requesting transportation, make sure your student is registered and all the necessary paperwork is completed at the school.  Plan on transporting your students or making other arrangements for transportation, until all is completed and the Transportation Dept. has been notified, so we can make the driver aware of your student and the date they will begin riding. 

Request for Bus Transportation forms, completely filled out and returned are required, and are only valid for the current school year.  Each student must have their own slip. Thank you.