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State Certificate Renewal

Standard Certificate renewal and continuing professional education

(CPE) requirements

Beginning September 1, 1999, individuals who complete educator preparation and/or EXCET requirements will be issued the Standard Certificate. The new certificate must be renewed every five years to remain valid. Educators holding lifetime certificates have been exempted from the renewal process; however, current educators adding certificates after September 1, 1999, will be issued the Standard Certificate that must be renewed. As a result, it is likely that many current educators will hold both Lifetime and Standard Certificates.


To be eligible for certificate renewal, educators must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Hold a valid Standard Certificate that has not been, nor is in the process of being, sanctioned by SBEC;

  • Successfully complete a criminal history review;

  • Not be in default on a guaranteed student loan or in arrears of child support;

  • Complete a total of 150 clock hours of continuing professional education;

  • Superintendents, principals, and assistant principals complete a total of 200 CPE clock hours; principals and assistant principals are also required to complete an assessment process that is designed to assist them with the development of a professional growth plan; and

  • Pay the renewal fee, which will be a single fee regardless of the number of certificates being concurrently renewed.

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