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Comp Time


October 12, January 18 and February 15 of the 2020-21 school year have been designated as the academic comp days. To be eligible to have a paid day of employment you must have attended at least six hours of approved staff development for each comp day. You must have attended training 'on your own time'. Sessions held after school hours, on weekends, on school holidays, or during the summer after contracts end are eligible to be considered for comp time. If you are paid for your time, you cannot count the training as comp time.

Comp time may be acquired from January 1, (of the comp time year) through May 31, (of the comp time school year). Documentation of attendance will be required. Please submit certificates of attendance to the curriculum office.

If sessions are attended other than those offered by the district, prior permission must be obtained before those session will be counted as satisfying district requirements for comp time.

Each employee may find his/her current Comp Time in Power School Professional Learning by clicking on Transcript.

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