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Accreditation Status

Denison ISD consistently receives a status designation of Accredited from the Texas Education Agency, and most recently received a status designation of Accredited for the 2017-2018 school year.


The Texas Education Agency releases accreditation statuses for school districts and charters across the state. Accreditation statuses are based on state academic accountability ratings, the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (known commonly as School FIRST), data reporting, special program effectiveness, and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Under the Texas Education Code, the commissioner of education annually assigns accreditation statuses to each school district. Accreditation statuses for the 2017-2018 school year include:

  • Accredited

  • Accredited-Warned

  • Accredited-Probation

  • Not Accredited-Revoked

  • Pending


An Accredited status recognizes districts and charters as a public school that meets specific academic and financial standards. An Accredited-Warned status means a district or charter exhibits deficiencies in academic and/or financial performance that, if not addressed, could lead to probation or revocation of its accreditation status. An Accredited-Probation status means a district or charter exhibits deficiencies in academic and/or financial performance over a three-year period, or over two years are deficient in both ratings each year that must be addressed to avoid revocation of its accreditation status.  A Not Accredited-Revoked status means the Texas Education Agency does not recognize the district or charter as a Texas public school following multiple years of deficiencies in academic and/or financial performance.

Denison’s 2017-2018 accreditation status can be found on the Texas Education Agency website at

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