Here's how we keep in touch with you in case of emergency...

Dr. Henry Scott

Denison ISD Superintendent

As a parent and grandparent myself, I understand your fears for the safety of your children.  To DISD staff, as a long-time educator, I understand the sense of responsibility you have toward the students in your care.  I assure you that, with your help, we are doing all we can do to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible while at our schools.

Over the course of a school year, it may be necessary to communicate important information to parents on short and / or unexpected notice (school closures, delayed starts, early dismissals, etc.)  It is important that our parents and community receive accurate and timely information.


Denison ISD will be communicating information, when necessary, through the following sources:  DISD Web Site, the Remind app, Blackboard Connect, and Twitter.  Information disseminated through these sources should be considered accurate, current, and reliable.   Specific information regarding these sources of communication is on the reverse side of this letter and can also be accessed through the district web site (


DISD cannot be responsible for any information communicated through sources not approved by DISD.  Please refer to the DISD approved sources of information mentioned above to verify any information being communicated through non-approved sources, including social media.


Your careful consideration of this communication will help minimize any potential confusion or disruption to our instructional program due to the distribution of misinformation. 



David Kirkbride, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent for Administration

Blackboard Connect is an automated telephone dialing system that places phone calls and sends e-mails.  DISD currently uses this system to communicate school closures due to inclement weather, etc.  Blackboard Connect uses contact information that parents/guardians provided the school(s) during the enrollment process.  Parents/Guardians who need to update their contact information should contact their child’s(ren’s) school.

DISD Web Site 

A section titled Emergency Communication has been added to the front page of the district web site where accurate information, when necessary, will be posted. 


Twitter is an online social networking tool which subscribers can use to communicate and receive brief messages.  You can learn about and subscribe to Twitter by visiting


Denison ISD’s Twitter address is:  @denisonisd

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