Toni Nunn is a true visionary...wearing many DISD hats!  She eagerly accepted the challenge of leading our Denison ISD Mentoring Program.  She pours countless hours into organizing events and sessions for our new teachers.  From the "Amazing Race" to "Station Rotations" that are designed based upon new teacher needs assessment surveys, she coordinates a top notch program. Toni also serves as GT teacher and Instructional Coach at Lamar.  Just last week, a teacher sent me an email applauding Toni's efforts.  She told me, "I am a better teacher because of Toni!  She is constantly sharing new strategies that help my students!"  Finally, Toni is our 4th through 6th Grade Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator.  Her PLCs adore her organizational skills.  According to one of her math teachers, she equips each member with "a PLC binder for the year that makes their lives so much nicer!"  Whatever hat Toni is wearing, she wears it with style and a smile...making a difference in the lives of teachers and students!

Denison isd administration

Toni Nunn


Mrs. Goodwin is an outstanding teacher that we are lucky to have on our campus. Mrs. Goodwin teaches our ELL students and works with them; staying on top of their grades and keeping them motivated in their classes. She also takes care of a lot of our testing, from TELPAS to STAAR we can always count on Mrs. Goodwin to help. Rating TELPAS essays is no easy task and she take the time to read and rate all of our essays. Mrs. Goodwin also does all of our STAAR testing in the language lab, we can always rely on her running a smooth testing environment and is diligent making sure all students get the correct accommodations. Mrs. Goodwin builds relationships with her students and they look to her as s second mom. DHS is lucky to have an outstanding teacher in Mrs. Goodwin!

Denison High School

Rosana Goodwin


There is so much that could be said about Mrs. Dobbs- Sloan and what a wonderful teacher she is and how lucky we are to have her at DHS. At any time throughout the day you can walk into her Spanish classroom and see her students actively engaged in the lessons. From singing to class projects her classroom is one that students look forward to everyday. In addition, Mrs. Dobbs- Sloan gets pulled to help translate for our Spanish speaking parents. She never complains about getting pulled into meetings or helping make phone calls when needed. She also is a mentor teacher, she will do whatever it takes to help our rookie teachers. She has spent countless hours helping our new Spanish teachers acclimate to teaching on our campus. Mrs. Dobbs- Sloan cares about her students and goes above and beyond to connect with each of them. DHS is definitely blessed to have such an amazing teacher as Mrs. Dobbs- Sloan!

Denison High School

Elizabeth Dobbs- Sloan


Our SMS Difference Maker is Mrs. Hannah Land. Mrs. Land makes science come alive for students in ways that they have rarely experienced before. She is a passionate advocate for students as they advance through school. Her classes incorporate different styles of learning to empower all students. In one teacher's words, "Simply put, she is a great teacher. She takes the time to go the extra mile in everything from teaching about Different Cultures during Jacket Time to volunteering for the pep rally teacher dance. She goes above and beyond to teach students much more than science." For these reasons and more, we have chosen Hannah Land as our SMS Difference Maker.

Scott Middle School

Hannah Land

Teaching is a job that takes a lot of heart, and that is exactly what Tia Haywood has; a true passion and calling for teaching. Tia is an advocate for EVERY student at B. McDaniel. It doesn't matter if the child is on her team, or even in her grade level, she is always going the extra mile so that our students feel supported, challenged, and loved. She encourages students to be the best they can be and holds them accountable with patience and empathy. 
   Tia is a rock for her students as well as her coworkers. She has remarkable leadership skills but is also a team player. She is the first one to volunteer for extra duty or lend a helping hand without a single worry or complaint. 
     Not only is Tia an effective teacher and a supportive coworker, but also a bright light of kindness and joy throughout our school. Her smile can be seen from down the hall and her positive spirit can lighten up any room. We are SO blessed and thankful to have Tia Haywood on the B. McDaniel campus!

B. McDaniel Intermediate School

Tia Haywood


Mr. Uber has made a huge difference in the morale of Houston! He has high expectations for himself, the faculty and the students.  Every morning you will find him greeting students with a firm handshake, kind smile and encouraging words, always expecting them to look him in the eyes. During morning announcements, he tells the students he loves them, and it's obvious he really does! Mr. Uber has created many opportunities for parents, students, and teachers to build stronger relationships. Our school is safer because he mainstreamed our dismissal process, walks the school constantly, and immediately handles unsafe situations. His faculty knows they can count on him to cover a class in a pinch, load students into cars, and even do 4th grade lunch duty! He treats his teachers like professionals, which makes them feel pride in their profession.  He even took his teachers to Ron Clark Academy! It truly made a difference by putting more joy into teaching. Mr. Uber has helped put pride back into being a Houston Bulldog!

houston elementary

Kyle Uber


Our December Difference Maker at Hyde Park is our daytime custodian, Angie Duraso.  She is compassionate, understanding, caring, loving, humble, and kind.  Our staff had these things to say about Miss Angie...

She works non-stop! Her care for Hyde Park goes beyond the brick and mortar.... she cares about the kids and staff as well.  She always has a positive attitude and is extra efficient.  Her love and passion for our staff and students amazes me every day.  She always wears a smile and keeps our building looking great.  She goes above and beyond what is asked. Without complaining she meets some of the most unpleasant needs at our school. I’ve seen her pull double shifts when needed and I can tell she is dog tired but never says a negative word. She is friendly with the students and the staff, building lasting relationships. And she is always working hard to do a great job.  She has one of the hardest jobs and does it with grace and humility. She’s an extremely hard worker and we are lucky and blessed to have her at Hyde Park.

Hyde Park elementary

Angie Duraso


To be a good assistant principal, you need excellent interpersonal skills. Your responsibilities involve interactions with students, parents, teachers, school staff, and district employees on a daily basis. You need to build a good rapport with the students and teachers at your school. Along with the rest of the administrative team, you are responsible for building a strong staff culture. As assistant principal, Mrs. Paulson embraces each of these qualities and more. She has had the opportunity to mentor and support teachers and help them improve their practice, which helps children learn and grow. She is always open to learn and develop; not only from what Mrs. Jackson shares with her, but from the experiences she has with staff, students, and parents.  Her focus is on building relationships with the entire school community, she is approachable, and ALWAYS has the idea of “what is best for kids” driving her decision-making. She has been an outstanding asset to Lamar and we are so grateful she is a Lamar Leopard.

Lamar Elementary

Stephanie Paulson

At a campus of over 480 students, it's safe to say we need all the help we can get.  But, the kind of help that is a PERFECT fit is hard to find.  Luckily, here at Mayes we have been blessed with our perfect match.  Mrs. Gunter joined our Mustang family this year and we haven't looked back since.  She has brought a calm, yet effective presence to our campus.  She has been our go to behavior guru, which has helped ease a heavy burden off of our principal and staff members.  She has a way of diffusing tense situations before they get out of hand without anyone even knowing what's happening. She has an uncanny way of building relationships quickly with students, yet remaining authoritative when necessary.  Although we know she misses her previous campus dearly, she has come in and opened her mind and heart to our students and staff in a way we never expected.  Without her, our Mayes Mustang family wouldn't be complete and we hope she knows the massive positive impact she has made on our campus.  

Mayes Elementary

Amanda Gunter

Ariel is one of the most hardworking, conscientious people on our campus.  She juggles her job, family and going to school with grace and patience. She is always prompt and does any and all things asked of her.  At our campus she wears many hats. She works with individual students, groups and at times whole classrooms...sometimes multiple grades at one time.  She is always willing to step in when needed and does so with a smile on her face regardless of how difficult the situation.  She is creative and innovative, she will make a great teacher when she is fully certified and Denison is lucky to have her. Ariel truly makes a difference in the lives of those on our Terrell campus.

Terrell Elementary

Ariel Dawson

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