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As Denison ISD moves into a new era of both district leadership and community growth, please know that we are constantly looking to future for our Yellow Jacket families. From our classroom programs to our facilities management, Denison ISD will lead the way in developing a premiere educational system that will take our students from learners to leaders. We want to be the north Texas district of choice. 

Prepare for and embrace growth

Future ready mindset for:

  • People Our people are our greatest asset. With that in mind, we will strive to maintain and sustain a welcoming spirit at all times, for all people, with the goal of creating a positive and stimulating environment in which all students and community members can grow, flourish and succeed.

  • Programs We will network with education experts and community leaders to ensure that the programs we offer continue to be current, diverse, relevant and aligned with the needs for success at college and in the workforce. 

  • Facilities Denison ISD will prepare for and embrace growth by forming and utilizing a Community Citizens’ Facilities Planning Committee to develop a short-term and long-range Master Plan  that will best serve students and the community.


Protect the culture

  • Honor the legacy. Denison ISD’s time-honored traditions in excellence are deeply rooted in a unique community-school partnership and culture that always puts the academic and personal welfare of our children above all else. It is this all-in commitment that has catapulted Denison schools to top national rankings, year after year, for almost two decades.

  • Share our story. Denison ISD will share its many amazing success stories through all local media outlets, the Denison ISD website, social media outlets, and ongoing communication and networking with families and community members. The goal: to stimulate families and the community to continue to be excited, involved and supportive of Denison ISD schools and students, always mindful of the fact that great schools make great communities.

  • Inspire new opportunities. Denison ISD and the Denison community share a rich history of inspiring opportunities that welcome and encourage a spirit of kindness and compassion, community service, volunteerism and “giving back” among all students, families and the community.   

Value our stakeholders

  • Know who we serve. At Denison ISD, we proudly serve a large and diverse population of students entrusted to our care by their families, never losing sight of the unique talents, strengths, abilities, needs and learning styles that make each student special and valued. Inspiration, innovation and motivation are incorporated daily into that service, as are encouragement, enrichment, engagement and an excitement for learning that is applicable and relevant. We serve alongside our families and community partners, knowing that we are always better together. WE ARE DENISON!  

  • Honor the investment. As we move forward, we pledge to honor the hard and dedicated work that has facilitated this unprecedented success while staying abreast of ever-changing educational strategies and environments that will best prepare each and every Denison student for lifelong success. WE ARE DENISON!

  • Deliver service that matters. We pledge to always deliver service that is relevant to the immediate and long-term success of all students, utilizing technology, digital learning devices and current methodology to create stimulating environments that meet the ever-changing needs of today’s global learners. We pledge to deliver service that models and encourages civil and respectful discourse that will help students gain the skills they need to be successful in college and the workplace. We pledge to serve each student with integrity, respect and fairness at all times with the goal of helping students achieve and succeed while also gaining a sense of pride and self-worth. When we accomplish this, we will have delivered service that matters. WE ARE DENISON!

  • Provide safe and healthy spaces. The safety and security of each and every Denison child is our number one priority. All entry doors on all Denison ISD campuses are kept locked throughout every school day, with district-issued badges or required ID documents required for entrance. All doors are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are automatically closing and locking properly. A highly trained force of police and security officers are present on campuses throughout the district, including two DISD police officers at Denison High School and two active City of Denison police officers who serve at Scott Middle School and B. McDaniel Intermediate School. DISD security officers also work closely with the Denison Police Department and attend state conferences to learn and implement best practices regarding prevention and rapid response.  All classroom doors are kept locked at all times, and teachers and students participate in mandatory emergency drills on a regular basis throughout the year. WE ARE DENISON!

Be the district of choice

  • Be aware. Denison ISD will continue to be aware and mindful of the unique culture, integrity, values, traditions, partnerships, best practices and impressive successes that have always made Denison ISD the overwhelming district of choice. 

  • Strive for excellence. Denison ISD has long been known as the area’s district of choice because of its many local, state and national awards, including Denison High School being named to local, state and national “Best in the Nation” lists for almost two decades running. The district will continue to devote the time, energy and resources necessary to maintain, sustain and improve that high level of excellence.

  • Choose Denison. People choose to live, work and raise their families in Denison because of its top-tier schools and quality-of-life offerings: Award-winning schools and programs with teachers and staff who are dedicated to helping kids do and be their best, academically and personally. Awe-inspiring natural resources and recreational opportunities, A small-town feel with big-city amenities in a community that is rich in art, music and culture. Our goal: to carefully plan and work with our community partners to facilitate the kind of mindful growth that will continue to inspire people to say: I choose Denison!

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