Thank you for joining us here as we continue to help our Yellow Jacket learners keep growing academically. Visit this site regularly for updates and additions to the content provided by teachers for your student. 


Dear Students and Families,

   We sincerely hope all of you are well and staying safe. Your teachers have been working hard to provide you with learning opportunities at home. We encourage you to follow the lesson plans provided and enjoy reviewing skills you have mastered this year as well as new learning.

   The reading and writing assignments can be done as a family. Please use books you have at home, picture books online, or passages provided at your school. Students K-6 can work together using the same book.

   Math and Science lessons have fun videos to watch and activities to pick and choose from. Some videos feature DISD teachers you may recognize!

If you need a hard copy of materials posted online, they are available on your campus. Schools are open between the hours of 9:00am to noon.

   Your education is so important to us. We have supplied a daily schedule with suggested times for learning, eating, exercising and playing.

We miss you dearly and hope to see you soon.

DISD Teachers


These are some of the best online resources for picture book read-a-louds and materials:


Paper packets (can be picked up at school) will include Kindergarten level fiction and non-fiction stories and articles.​


I-Station Instructions for Parents and Students


When students log into I-Station for the first time on or after April 1, it will prompt them to a test.  I-Station gives them a test at the beginning of each month to monitor their progress.  This should be completed independently.  The length of the test depends on how well your child is doing.  It could last 20-40 min. There is an icon at the bottom that shows that they are in the test. It is a blue box that says ISIP.  Once that icon disappears the test is over.  Most of the students are familiar with this and know when the test is over. 


Daily practice- students need to do I-station a minimum of 20 minutes a day (M-F).  If they log out before 20 minutes it will start the lesson over the next time they log in.  


How to download I-station at home. 

1.     Have your student log into Clever from www.denisonisd.net 

2.     Click I-station and download to the type of computer, I-pad etc. that you have. 

3.     After it downloads the I-station log in screen pops up.  Do not log in here. 

4.     Go back to Clever and log back in. 

5.     Then, you should be able to click on I-station and it doesn't require a log in. 

Your child will go to Clever every time after the program has been downloaded. 




Note: TEKS refers to the list of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills 

In-Home Learning - Week of May 18


For the last week of At-Home Learning, work with your family and friends to score a  Jacket Bingo by completing activities in the squares below!  Your Bingo may be in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line! 

Jacket Bingo sheet links:

Send a picture of you and your completed Bingo to your teacher or principal.  Feel free to post the photo to

  • your campus Facebook page

  • or Tweet to @denisonisd on Twitter using the #JacketBingo.

Teachers will be making phone calls to receive feedback on DISD students’

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