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Online Truancy Classes

Denison ISD recognizes and values the importance of school attendance and looks forward to educating and supporting students and parents during this school year.

Denison  ISD's online truancy class is an information based tool offered to the students and parents of Denton ISD as a truancy prevention measure (TPM). This class will be offered to students and parents once during each school year. Success on this quiz will require a score 80 or higher. Students and/or parents may be required to attend an in-person truancy class if this intervention fails to improve the students attendance. For more information on Texas compulsory attendance laws and

Denison ISD's attendance procedures, please visit our attendance website.

Your child's presence in school is a strong indicator of future success, we want to partner with you to ensure this success. We are looking forward to a successful school year with our students and families.

Click the slides to view the course. Click the link on the last slide to take the quiz. 

Haga clic en las diapositivas para ver el curso. Haz clic en el enlace de la última diapositiva para hacer el test.

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