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Class of 2022 tours DHS

Scott Middle School eighth graders recently embarked on a whirlwind tour of what will be their scholastic home for the next four years: the district’s beautiful Denison High School.

Traveling in numerous DHS student-led groups, the soon-to-be-freshmen visited virtually every department and facility throughout the sprawling campus which consistently ranks among the best in the nation, learning about dozens of exciting programs designed to meet the needs of both college-bound and career oriented students. DHS teachers met the groups at every turn, offering detailed information and answering questions.

“Becoming a part of Denison High School is a huge step for these kids,” said DHS Principal Dr. Cavin Boettger. “We want the experience to be positive, beneficial and exciting in every way. Beneficial in terms of helping them see all the wonderful educational and extracurricular opportunities on the horizon…and positive in terms of making the transition from middle school to high school a comfortable and exciting experience. We want these students to arrive here confident in their abilities…and ready to learn and accomplish great things.”

Much to the surprise of students who had not visited the campus since it opened in 2014, the school was both vast in size and rich in culture. At the top of the steps in the hallway leading from the main entrance to the center atrium, Denison’s rich history is depicted in two oversized pieces of beautiful artwork.

“We think it is important that our students know about the many famous people and institutions that played important roles in helping shape Denison into the unique and proud community that it is today,” said Boettger. “That is why our tour guides stop each group in front of these historical murals that tell our story. This stop serves as the starting point for the tours, allowing the students to learn about the pride that is so much a part of Denison High School and our entire community.”

After leaving the atrium, the student groups branched off in various directions to visit Advanced Placement classrooms, computer centers, science labs, the lecture hall and the library as well as interactive CATE classrooms such as Metal Trades, Journalism and Media, Culinary Arts, Business and Technology, Computer Technology/Robotics, Agriculture Sciences and many more.

“I think the kids were blown away by the high quality of our culinary lab and kitchen…where they also learn hospitality and restaurant management skills,” said Boettger. “I think they were also impressed with our large group of interactive and innovative AP classrooms…which I think stimulates a lot of college-bound students to look forward to some really interesting and challenging college-level work. Our goal is to prepare each and every one of our students to be life-long learners who will experience continued success in college, the workplace and throughout their lives. We feel that these orientation tours are an important first step on the path to accomplishing that goal.”

Teachers and students in classrooms across Denison ISD continue to work and study as the end of the first semester of the 2018-2019 draws near. “Our students will have finished all first semester work by the time we break for Christmas,” said DISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott. “Our teachers and students have worked incredibly hard and accomplished great learning. We’ve had a tremendous first semester here at DISD.”

DHS students stop at the top of the stairs in the main hallway at Denison High School to learn how President Dwight D. Eisenhower, T.V. Munson and other dignitaries helped shape the rich cultural and educational environment that exists in present-day Denison.

Nikki Douda, who teaches Principles of Human Services at Denison High School, gives Scott Middle School students an overview of the many learning and career opportunities available in her CATE (Career and Technology Education) classroom.

SMS 8th graders were treated to cookies prepared by students in Sabrina Redwine’s Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Restaurant Management culinary lab and prep center at Denison High School.

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