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Denison ISD salutes 100 days of successful learning

Denison ISD’s energetic students and staff members recently took a short break from STAAR preparation to celebrate one of the district’s favorite milestones: 100 days of successful learning.

“It is definitely one of our year’s most deserved and fun celebrations, one that we ALL look forward to after so many days of hard work and study,” said Mayes Principal Natalie. “Our teachers and staff use many years of experience, collaboration, creativity and state-of-the-art methodology to find new ways to teach, engage and inspire our students to set high goals and work hard to achieve them. Every child learns differently, but they all share a common bond: a genuine love for interactive learning…to be hands-on in the classroom, to ask meaningful questions and work together to arrive at valid and applicable answers, to contribute to their school’s many awards and successes and be proud of their accomplishments. Our kids looking forward to coming to school every day…which is critical to success, and we’re very proud of that. It’s one of many great reason to celebrate 100 successful days of learning!”

In traditional DISD style, students and teachers implemented various themes to add fun and excitement to the festivities. Kids wore hats and carried signs proclaiming to be “100 days smarter.” Many teachers, staff members and students discussed what it’s like to be 100 days smarter and older, then coming to school dressed like seniors from past generations. Classrooms, decorated with learning materials touting all things 100, were packed with hundreds of kids wearing shirts decorated with 100 buttons, polka dots, puff balls and stickers.

“Our teachers are just the best. Even in the midst of all the fun and excitement, they continued to teach and help kids learn,” said Terrell Principal Amy Dunn. “When I visited classrooms during the celebration, the students were busy counting to 100, adding and multiplying numbers that equal 100, describing the aging process that gets people to 100, learning and discussing what life was like 100 years ago. A lot of the kids completed writing assignments about the important things they’ve learned and how they’ve grown over the last 100 days. It’s just one more great opportunity to allow our kids to interactively improve their writing, social studies, vocabulary and other academic skills while also having fun.”

Kindergarten students in Erika Lopez’s class at Mayes Elementary made brightly colored hats to celebrate the 100th day of the 2018-2019 school year. Later in the day, they gathered with their teacher for a group lesson that focused on vocabulary and descriptive words that relate to all things 100.

Mayes students celebrated the successful completion of 100 days of school by wearing hats proclaiming themselves to be “100 Days Smarter” and shirts they decorated with hundreds of buttons, dots, stickers and puff-balls.

A classroom full of Terrell students studied and learned what it would be like to spend 100 days on a farm during the school’s celebration honoring 100 days of successful learning.

Teachers and students at Terrell Elementary came to school dressed as centenarians in celebration of the 100th day of school. “When I visited classrooms during the celebration, the students were busy counting to 100, adding and multiplying numbers that equal 100, and discussing what life was like 100 years ago,” said Mayes Principal Natalie Hicks.

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