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SMS students chart drug-free journey

Hundreds of Scott Middle School students strolled proudly down their self-styled “Yellow Brick Road,” spreading the nation’s 2019 Red Ribbon campaign message loud and clear, for all to hear: STAY DRUG FREE!”

According to Courtney Hubbard, one of the 8th grade teachers who helped plan, design and create the school’s Yellow Brick Road, this year’s theme is a call to action to stand up and speak out in support of making healthy choices.

“It’s also a reminder to everyone that when you stay drug free, you’re sending a powerful message to everyone about the great value you place on yourself, your overall health, your community, your future, and the future of our great state and nation.”

In addition to the bright yellow bricks, green trees, blue skies and puffy clouds that line both sides of one entire hallway, each classroom door is decorated with an equally powerful drug-free message.

“Have the Courage to Just Say No” greets students at the entry to one classroom. Yet another challenges everyone to “Make tomorrow better by being bully and drug free.”

Brightly colored banners throughout the school also urge students to “Team up against drug,” and “Choose your dreams…NOT drugs!”

According to Hubbard, the annual National Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s largest and oldest drug prevention campaign, reaching over 80 million people each year throughout the United States.

“The official week for this year’s Red Ribbon event was October 23-31…but everyone at SMS was so excited about our Yellow Brick Road campaign that we started early and have loved every minute of it,” said Hubbard. “Our students have really taken ownership, pledging their support to stay drug-free in so many important and meaningful ways. Together, as a unified campus and district family, we can and will make a positive difference in the fight against drugs.”

A happy group of Scott Middle School students stroll down the proverbial Yellow Brick Road, self-styled by SMS teachers to emphasize the importance of staying drug-free throughout life’s journeys.

SMS students give the thumbs up

Scott Middle School students give a big thumbs-up outside one of the classroom doors located along the Yellow Brick Road hallway, challenging everyone to “Have the Courage to Just Say No!”

SMS students gathered outside their classroom

Scott Middle School students gather outside a classroom door that reflects the 2019 Red Ribbon campaign’s anti-drug message, which urges everyone to stand up and speak out in support of making healthy choices.

SMS students dare to be drug free

Scott Middle School’s Yellow Brick Road ends at the school’s campus security office with a sign reminding students to ‘Use Your Brain and be Drug Free’. “It sends a powerful message to all of us about the great value you place on yourself, your overall health, your community and your future…when you choose to stay drug free,” said 8th grade teacher Courtney Hubbard.

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