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DHS top chefs bring big flavors to State Contest

The competition at this year’s State Culinary Contest at SMU was daunting, to say the least: 14 amazing Culinary Arts teams comprised of the state’s most talented student chefs, vying for top honors in a themed cook-off entitled “Eat the Street – Food Truck Classic.”

The competition actually started before Christmas on December 5th when all students in Sabrina Redwine’s Advanced Culinary class competed in Aramark’s annual Lone Star Chef Competition, hosted in Denison High School’s state-of-the-art culinary complex.

“A panel of teachers, community leaders and school board members judged the initial competition with one team being chosen to move on to compete at the State contest at SMU on February 7th,” said Redwine. “Students enrolled in our Advanced Culinary class are in their third year of the Culinary Arts program, developing their knowledge and experience in cooking methods while exploring both United States Regional and International cuisines. They’re all very serious chefs who have honed their culinary skills through our Annual Holiday Luncheons as well as monthly teacher luncheons. Throughout these three years, they have grown and evolved into really amazing chefs.”

The three talented DHS chefs who earned the privilege of competing at State were Skeet Tol, Josh Hysmith and Jadyn Ponder, all DHS Juniors who worked diligently between December and February to prepare for the rigorous State Culinary Competition.

“After receiving a list of approved food items that meet the Child Nutrition Guidelines followed by Aramark, the students were given time to develop their menu items in class,” said Redwine. “We had a practice session before the local competition…and then the winning team had two practice sessions with our Denison ISD Chef Alicia Rivera before the State competition.”

Only the top three winning teams were recognized and awarded the coveted scholarship prizes, but Redwine says her students were incredibly competitive in terms of creativity and flavor. “I feel like we were not far behind the top three, and I can assure you that our kids have their sights set on winning next year. These students have amazing work ethics, and they’re incredibly talented. We’re definitely looking forward to next year’s competition!”

DHS chefs go before the judges

Denison High School’s top Advanced Culinary Arts team (front to back: Josh Hysmith, Jadyn Ponder and Skeet Tol), presented their “Eat the Street-Food Truck Classic” tacos to a panel of judges at the State Culinary Arts competition February 7th at SMU.

DHS chefs prepare their dish during the state competition

Denison High School’s top culinary chefs, from left Josh Hysmith, Skeet Tol and Jadyn Ponder, prepared upscale street tacos for their entrée at the State Culinary Arts competition at SMU on February 7th. “After developing their menu items in class and competing locally, the winning team had two more practice sessions before competing against the best 14 high school chef teams in Texas,” said Culinary Arts instructor Sabrina Redwine.

Denison High School cooking teams competed to advanced to the state event at SMU

Sabrina Redwine’s talented DHS Advanced Culinary Arts students competed in a locally judged cooking contest in December for the honor of representing DHS at the State Culinary Competition on February 7th at SMU in Dallas. Winners of the local competition were Josh Hysmith, Skeet Tol and Jadyn Ponder.

DISD personnel were on-hand to assist with judging the local challenge

B. McDaniel Principal and local pitmaster Alvis Dunlap made notes as he observed DHS Advanced Culinary chefs preparing Street Tacos at the local Aramark Lone Star Chef competition in December. “A panel of educators, community leaders and school board members judged the initial competition…with one team being chosen to advance to State,” said DHS Culinary teacher Sabrina Redwine.

Fourteen Denison High School chef teams competed for the right to move on to the state competition

Fourteen talented DHS chefs brought their best skills to the table at this year’s Aramark Lone Star Chef competition, vying for the honor of competing at the State Culinary Arts contest at SMU in Dallas on February 7th. “Our Advanced Culinary students are all very serious chefs who have honed and improved their skills at our Annual Holiday Luncheons and monthly Teachers Luncheons,” said DHS Culinary instructor Sabrina Redwine.

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