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Denison ISD: Making Good Choices

Every year in October for the past 30-plus years, Denison ISD students have launched unique anti-drug campaigns aimed at eradicating substance abuse in schools and communities across Texas and the nation. In 2021, the campaign has grown to include an anti-bullying focus as well, with kids finding creative and powerful ways to “Just say NO” and “Black Out Bullying”.

“Our students are tremendous advocates for positive change in so many important area of society, from the annual anti-drug campaigns they host on our campuses every year to a lot of district and community-wide events that promote the importance of being kind, civil, inclusive and respectful in all we say and do,” said DISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott. “At Denison ISD, our goal has always been to educate and grow great people who will make the world a better place for everyone.”

Houston Elementary students wore bright red ribbons emblazoned with the words “Real Heroes Don’t Do Drugs!” during the school’s annual Red Ribbon Week campaign.

Hyde Park’s 2021 “Glow Day” is centered around a ‘Black Out Bullying’ theme that encourages students to be kind, compassionate, respectful, and civil in all they say and do.

The message from a group of Terrell Elementary students during the school’s annual Red Ribbon/Anti-Drug Week was loud and clear: “Peace Out To Drugs!”

Lamar Elementary school honors Homework Heroes who have proved themselves to be “capable, strong, smart, responsible, positive, trustworthy…and honest,” traits that are also used to describe kids who treat others with dignity, kindness and respect.


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