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DISD 5th graders learn, grow in Mother Nature’s classroom

Denison bus drivers once again transported hundreds of excited DISD 5th graders to Camp James Ray, located on the banks of beautiful Lake Texoma, for a week of science and environmental studies mixed with fun and camaraderie.

Similar in academic and outdoor activity offerings at Camp Goddard that Denison 5th graders attended for decades, Camp James Ray provides hands-on study sessions in ecology, environmental studies, meteorology, botany and other scientific fields as well as canoeing, archery, hiking and trail exploration, fishing and other fun activities --- but with students arriving and departing each day on DISD buses.

“We originally switched from Camp Goddard in Oklahoma to Camp James Ray in Texas because of Covid restrictions that prohibited overnight camping,” said DISD Superintendent Dr. David Kirkbride. “The kids still enjoy all the exploration, scientific experimentation and discovery…as well as a wide variety of outdoor activities that help our students develop positive social and teamwork skills. It has worked out very well for everyone, and the students love it. We’ve received very positive feedback from our students, staff and families…so it’s been a win-win experience for all of us.”

Rowing and relaxing with friends in canoes at Camp James Ray is a favorite outdoor activity among DISD 5th graders who attend the science and enrichment camp located on the banks of Lake Texoma.

A group of Denison ISD 5th graders who attended the first week of camp at Camp James Ray on Lake Texoma worked with friends on arts and crafts projects.

Denison ISD 5th graders plotted their next outdoor exploration adventure at Camp James Ray, an environmental and educational enrichment camp on Lake Texoma.

Retired Denison ISD teacher Jim Russell teaches archery to hundreds of DISD 5th graders who attend Camp James Ray each year.

Group games at Camp James Ray help DISD 5th graders improve social and teamwork skills.

Science experiments are a daily activity at Camp James Ray during week-long study projects for the hundreds of DISD 5th graders who attend the science and environmental studies and enrichment camp each year.


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