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DISD meals: nutritious AND delicious!

Over the past two decades, nutrition has been the focus of school breakfasts and lunches at federal, state and local levels. Low in fat and sugar, high in protein and fiber. Bake it or serve it fresh, but never fry it. No foods of minimal nutritional value allowed.

In an attempt to grow and nourish healthier kids, government officials have consistently implemented mandates that prohibit school cafeterias from offering or serving empty-calorie foods to kids during school hours, including colas and processed foods high in sugar. The good news: Denison ISD’s food service personnel are meeting the challenges with a wide variety of foods that are nutritious and delicious, including lots of fruits and veggies.

“It is our responsibility to offer kids healthy food choices,” said Director of Food Services Debbie Hosford. “Healthy kids become healthy adults because they develop healthy lifestyles over the years, starting at early ages. When good eating habits and regular exercise become an important part of our daily routines, which is what we strive for on all our campuses, all aspects of our lives improve. We think better and perform better.

“We opened two beautiful new cafeterias this year at our newly renovated Hyde Park and Mayes Elementary schools, alleviating over-crowding and improving students’ dining experiences. District-wide, we have also continued to provide nutritious and tasty meals throughout the pandemic, not just for our students, but for entire families. We take care and pride in every meal we prepare, and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to serve.”


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