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DISD takes top-tier technology to next level

Walk into any Denison ISD classroom and you’ll find students immersed in technology. Laptops on desk tops. Headsets on. Hands clicking. Eyes fixed on screens. Students mastering programs and improving skills in Computer Labs. Teachers and kids interacting with SMART Boards.

To help further mitigate learning loss during the early days of Covid, Denison ISD took technology to the next level by providing every student with a Chromebook, and ensuring that every student had internet connectivity at home. The decision proved to be a good one, and it continues today.

“The past 18 months of the pandemic have been a learning experience for all of us…educators, students and families alike,” said DISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott. “Providing devices and home internet for all students has been a game-changer in that it has leveled the academic playing field for so many students. All our students now have what they need to complete assignments accurately and on time, conduct research, read and study and receive online assistance…and so much more. We are so glad to have our kids back in school with their teachers and classmates, and we want to continue to ensure that every student is technologically and digitally equipped to learn and succeed, at every level.”

B. McDaniel 5th and 6th graders spend quality time in the school’s computer lab, mastering programs and improving their technology and digital skills.

Laptops and Chromebooks allow students to work independently while teachers spend one-on-one time with classmates.

Laptops and earbuds provide quiet and quality study time for a student who is hard at work on a complex math project in Robin Petty’s 4th grade classroom at Hyde Park.

Mayes third graders listen and take notes on dry erase boards during an interactive SMART Board session in Jana Wood’s classroom.


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