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Scott Middle School initiates the Great Kindness Challenge

Denison ISD’s Scott Middle School takes being kind quite seriously. So much so, they are beginning the new year by taking being kind to others to a new level and initiating a program they are calling The Great Kindness Challenge. SMS students planned and organized events focused kindness to others. The kickoff on Monday, January 24 started with a virtual assembly to introduce the plan to the students and the staff.

Events SMS students have planned include a compliment table where students write encouraging cards to other students, kindness quotes that will be read every day during morning announcements and spirit days that will encourage students wear outfits planned around the kindness theme.

“Kindness is about doing what you can wherever you are with what you have. I’m really proud of the positive character that our students display every day,” said Scott Middle School library coordinator Kari Uber. “Constant kindness can accomplish so much.”

The students coordinating the Kindness Challenge met several times as a collective group and worked daily in “committee groups” to come up with ideas that would make this plan a success.

Included in the Challenge is checklist for students to complete during the week that will help them monitor their random acts of kindness to others.

In order to keep the kindness theme in the forefront during the Challenge, the campus was decorated with posters and signs with messages promoting a positive mental attitude toward others. Gratitude Jars were set up around the building where students and staff can send notes of thanks and encouragement.

Not only are the students promoting the Kindness Challenge theme, even the staff in the Scott Middle School cafeteria have joined the movement with a little something called “Lunch Tray Love” where the lunch ladies will place a note on student’s trays with an encouraging word as they go through the cafeteria lunch lines.

Even the City of Denison got on board during the Challenge. Denison mayor Janet Gott sent the Scott Middle School campus a proclamation confirming the event and sent them a video thanking them for their efforts.

“Our hope is that this is something we will continue each year and create a culture of kindness at SMS,” said Uber.

In the process of getting everything ready for the campus-wide Kindness Challenge, Scott Middle School 7th and 8th graders gathered in the library to prepare items that allow for others to share positive messages with other students and the staff members.

Part of the preparation for the Kindness Challenge including decorating the hallways in the school. Students made displays related to being kind and positive in high-traffics parts of the campus for all to see.

Students took time after school to create posters and banners to hang throughout the Scott Middle School campus with slogans and saying that reflect an attitude of treating others kindly.

Teachers and staff all contributed to making their rooms creatively decorated for the Kindness Challenge. Scott Middle School librarian Kari Uber completed her décor with centerpieces for her LRC tables that included encouraging words and messages.

Tables around the campus featured “Gratitude Jar” stations filled with note paper and envelopes where students and staff were able to write a message of thanks that would be delivered to the recipient for them to read.


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