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SMS celebrates Texas Public Schools Week

Denison ISD’s Scott Middle School could easily be a Poster Child for how to successfully celebrate Texas Public Schools Week in the midst of a pandemic.

No longer able to invite hundreds of families and visitors to special luncheons and activities that showcase all the amazing accomplishments of students and teachers during Texas Public Schools Week, Victoria Lowe’s 8th grade media students put together a photography collage celebrating everything that makes their campus special and unique: song and dance performances, music concerts, creative group projects, fun sports activities, quiet moments to reflect and share special moments that are unique to Denison’s award-winning schools.

“It’s our way of celebrating our amazing kids, incredible teachers and loyal community supporters who continue to weather this Covid storm with positive attitudes and resilient spirits,” said SMS Principal John Parker. “Our community and families support us in so many important ways…and we want everyone to know that what this community is, and what is does for us, never goes unnoticed. It keeps us all positive and hopeful and moving in the right direction. We are all just very grateful and proud to be Denison Yellow Jackets.”

SMS student photographer Ariyanna Blanco shot a picture of Lisa Alvarado helping students serve Jacket Java to teachers on Fridays throughout the school year, including Texas Public Schools week.

SMS student photographer Elizabeth Arnold got an action shot of Denison public school teacher Kelsey Blanton of Scott Middle School leading and encouraging her musical theatre group in their warm-ups before daily rehearsal.

SMS student photographer Emma Williams captured counselor Kally Branson joyfully celebrating the many joys of public school life in Texas, as Denison ISD students and teachers.

SMS photographer Valeria Aguilar photographed English Language Arts teacher Chris McClenny working with AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students to help build teamwork and collaboration skills. AVID is one of many innovative programs designed to help targeted groups of students enrolled in Denison public schools become successful and productive citizens.


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