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Campamento Goddard

In November, Denison ISD and B. McDaniel Intermediate School take learning outside the classroom. This year, 5th and 6th graders to a traveled to a state-of-the-art science and enrichment day camp at the Boy Scouts of America Circle Ten Council facility known as Camp James Ray.


Camp James Ray is located on beautiful Lake Texoma near Pottsboro, Texas. This 540-acre camp offers camping, hiking, canoeing, sailing, rifle, shotgun and archery ranges, swimming, and year-round campsites. Students can spend time hiking and exploring while enjoying many trails with lots of wildlife and learning opportunities around every bend. During their visit, students learn fishing skills, are educated on proper water safety rules, and even get to test their ability to operate a canoe on Lake Texoma.


With a drive time of about 30 minutes, BMac students load up and depart campus each day on DISD buses and arrive shortly at Camp James Ray for a full day of learning. Students spend nearly every moment of the day at camp with their BMac teacher, or a certified Scout instructor. Not only will those teachers and instructors spend time on traditional science curriculum lessons, additional academic and outdoor activity offerings include unique hands-on learning in ecology, meteorology, botany and other scientific fields. 


Camp James Ray is perfect for presenting science in a natural setting, allowing for exploration and a multitude of discovery opportunities. The camp’s wide variety of outdoor activities help our students develop positive social skills and focus on a teamwork mentality, while understanding in the importance of preserving our natural history, and protecting nature for future generations.

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