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Annual Student Update

The annual student registration form is utilized for parents to indicate enrollment intentions for the 2023-2024 school year. If your family is returning to the same campus zone, moving to a different campus zone or out of Denison ISD, it is requested that you complete the registration form regardless of enrollment intentions.

Returning Students


Annual Registration Process


Denison ISD uses PowerSchool Registration to update information on students returning to our schools each year. By replacing previous paper practices with an online process, the District is reducing paper waste, improving accuracy, increasing efficiency and saving parents time. Guardians will still need to contact the campus at the end of the year to confirm the student is no longer attending Denison ISD.

Based upon the primary student contact listed in the DISD student information system, the parent or guardian will receive a separate email for each individual student with online registration instructions and a unique snapcode that is needed to begin the online registration process for that student. If you are the parent or guardian of multiple students, you will not receive all of these snapcode emails at the same time. If the email of the primary contact has changed, please contact your child’s campus with the student’s name and ID as well as your name. 

Registration Dates

Invitations to register for the 2024-2025 school year will go out April 1 to parents and guardians of students enrolled in DISD prior to May 16. At the end of the online process, parents are required to provide an electronic signature and proof of residency. 

Additional Registration Requirements

By law, parents must also provide updated immunization records (if necessary) before school begins in order to attend class regardless of the learning environment (virtual or face-to face). View immunization requirements. DISD also requires families provide proof of residency each year in order to complete the student enrollment and registration process. Proof of residency is required for submission. View the proof of residency requirements and submission process.

Snapcodes - Reminders for Parents

Parent Login: Please use the email address from last year to login into Power School Registration. If you cannot remember your password to Power School Registration choose “Forgot Password” for instructions to reset it. Helpful hint: Please use the same user name and password for all website/applications for DISD.

Returning Student

If your child will be attending a campus other than the campus listed on the snapcode please continue updating the information. Take the verification page along with your new proof of residency to the new zoned or approved transfer campus.


Choose the preferred contact priority under each contact name. NOTE: Emergency contacts should always be listed after Parent/Guardian in the priority list. Please note that by naming a contact as a Guardian that is not listed on the student’s birth certificate, you will be asked to complete a Non Parent form. This form gives this person the rights to enroll, withdrawal and act as a Guardian at the student’s campus.

Medical Information

Medical information is now stored year to year. It is imperative that you update ongoing medical concerns. Please indicate yes or no for any factors or medical conditions of which school officials should be aware.

Review and Submit

Review the updated information for your child. Once you are satisfied with the information choose Submit. Note that any area in RED must be corrected before the information can be submitted. Bus application is completed during your child’s enrollment application by choosing YES, to the question; “Does this student need DISD transportation?”

Power School Registration parent support:



Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding the PowerSchool Registration process. Other opportunities for support and assistance will be contained within the PowerSchool Registration invitation email.

What if I already set up a PowerSchool Registration account?

You must register your child each school year. You will use the same username and password if you have an existing account. The snapcode will be different every year. If you don't remember the user credentials, you may have them emailed to you and/or use security questions set up previously to retrieve that information. Also, you may contact the PowerSchool Registration support line at 866.752.6850 or submit a ticket here.


Should I complete a New Student application for my child if I have not received a snapcode?

No. Please contact the campus if you have not received a snapcode for your child after June 4th.

What if I did not receive a snapcode for each child?

Please try checking your email from a computer instead of a mobile device. Check your “junk mail.” If you have not received a snapcode please contact the campus to verify they have the most up to date email address for your family.

Can a parent remove Emergency Contacts in PowerSchool Enrollment? A: Yes. An emergency contact can be removed and replaced each school year.

What if I can’t remember my email/login and/or password to PowerSchool Enrollment? A: A PowerSchool login can be retrieved at the campus as well as a password reset.

Can a parent change his or her email address for the PowerSchool Enrollment login?

Yes, once the parent is logged in using the OLD email address, you can change your login and password at any time.


Where can I turn for help with PowerSchool Enrollment?

If you have a received a snapcode and have technical issues completing the online form, you may contact the PowerSchool Registration support line at 866.752.6850 or submit a ticket here. If you have already completed the form, please contact your child's campus or email Denison ISD at

What if a student changes his/her address over the summer and the snapcode is showing the old campus? Continue with the PowerSchool Enrollment process. Take the verification printout along with your new proof residency to the zoned campus.

I live with someone else (friend, relative, etc.) and have no proof of residence in my name.

Please download the Statement of Residence Form. Fill out the form, have it notarized, and bring it to your campus along with a proof of residence for the house or apartment you are living in. Do we have this statement? Keep this question?

Can I name a family member as a Guardian that is not on my child’s birth certificate? Please check with your child’s enrolled campus. Campus personnel can lead you to the correct answer depending on the family’s circumstance. In most cases, an additional notarized document could be required. Is this wording sufficient?

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