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Campus Safety & Security


Paul Neumann

Denison ISD Chief of Police

Office (903) 462-7006

Our primary goal within the Denison ISD Security Department is safeguarding our facilities and promote a positive and safe learning environment for all our students, faculty, and staff. As a reminder to both the students and parents Denison Independent School District has a Code of Conduct which was signed and accepted by all students and parents at the beginning of the school year. You can find the Code of Conduct at


Effective 2023, Denison ISD will institute an Amnesty Program, should a student find themselves with any restricted items on campus, we encourage them turn the item into our SROs or office staff.


We would like of make the community aware of a software application that is downloadable and will allow anyone in our community to report school safety related concerns. We encourage you to go to or download the iWatchTexas app from the app store or google store.


We take the safety to our students and staff very seriously and will continue to be resolute in our efforts to protection of all our Yellowjackets! Denison ISD has world-class School Resource Officers (SRO) and Security Personnel, who truly care about our Yellowjacket community and are here for you.  If you see something, say something.


Please help make our Yellow Jacket community safe and secure for all, and continue to promote a safe and secure learning environment. We are all in this together!

Clear Bag Policy

The Denison ISD Clear Bag Policy, in conjunction with Denison ISD Board of Trustees policy, and University Interscholastic League (UIL) guidelines, applies to all events and activities held at Denison ISD facilities including athletic events and other ticketed events. All bags are subject to search. Exceptions to this policy may be made by Denison ISD Administration prior to the event date for medically-necessary items. For events held at all Denison ISD facilities, patrons are subject to a security check at the gate upon entry, and a strict no re-entry policy will be enforced.

CLICK HERE to view the complete policy.


Providing Safe & Secure Schools

A safe and secure environment is necessary for DISD students to learn, grow and reach their academic potential, for staff to function at an exemplary level, and for parents to be an active part of their children’s education.  DISD takes its responsibility in this area very seriously and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment.  The district Emergency Operations Plan provides instructions, responses and resources to be used in case of emergencies caused by nature or emergencies generated by humans.  The plan, as well as campus security plans, is reviewed routinely.  Practices/procedures are updated as necessary according to the most current Emergency Operation procedures.  The DISD family also relies on student, parent and community support to help keep our schools safe.

Visitor Management System 

Denison ISD uses the Raptor Visitor Management System in our school(s). Raptor is used to track visitors, volunteers and vendors who come into our schools.  Computer kiosks are installed on all campuses at the main entrances for visitors to sign-in electronically. All visitors are required to sign-in to the building via Raptor.  Visitors will be required to scan their drivers license as part of this process.  Following the sign-in process a visitor badge will be printed and must be worn at all times while on school property.  The badge is self-adhesive and will not damage clothing. Prior to leaving the school all visitors must sign-out out using the Raptor system.  Front office staff will be available to answer questions and provide assistance as needed.


Campus Security Plan 

A school safety team on each campus develops and maintains a campus security plan.  These plans address and implement emergency drills, lock down procedures, bad weather procedures, student arrival and dismissal procedures, classroom and exterior door locking procedures, and encouraging students to report anything they see that may be harmful to themselves or others. The district and campuses work closely with the Denison Police and Fire Departments which are available for training, support and, of course, protection of our students.


School Resource Officers

The District has two full-time police officers providing security at our largest campus, Denison High School.  One of these policemen, Denison ISD Deputy Chief Odis Luper, also conducts security checks and assists with security procedures on the other district campuses.  Additionally, the district employs off-duty Denison  Police Department Officers to provide security each day at Scott Middle School and B. McDaniel Intermediate school. 


Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are in operation inside and outside the all DISD campuses.


DISD Faculty & Staff Training

All DISD faculty and staff train annually in order to be ready to react correctly to emergency situations.   In turn, teachers also train their students to react to emergency situations.  These training sessions are intended to give students and staff the best opportunity of remaining safe during emergency situations.


Emergency Contact Information

Should an immediate emergency situation arise on a campus, parents/guardians will be notified via a mass calling system. In order to be appropriately notified, parents and guardians must ensure that Denison ISD has current and accurate contact information on all students. Parents may also be notified by viewing the scrolling alert at the top of the Denison ISD website.

Student & Community Involvement

It is important to know that the Denison ISD administration and staff work to make schools safe and caring places. We strongly encourage and frequently remind students to report any safety concerns directly to a trusted adult at home or at school. Still, we know that when students become aware of unsafe people or situations, it can be very difficult for some to report as they are fearful or feel pressure from others to keep things secret. We want students to help us keep their schools safe, and to break any “code of silence” if one exists, with respect to matters that can impact the safety of their schools.

If you or your student were to suspect or become aware of any students or adults in a school who are planning or acting in any unsafe way, please let us know. This includes, but is not limited to, the use or possession of drugs, knives, guns, and/or threats to injure, bully, or assault others. If you or your students are not comfortable talking directly with staff at the school level, use the DENISON ISD SAFE SCHOOLS QUICK TIP FORM is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Tips” will be referred to school or law enforcement authorities as deemed appropriate. 

Inclement Weather Procedures

Ensuring the safety of our Yellow Jacket students and staff is our main priority during a weather event. Denison ISD monitors the National Weather Service and local meteorologist forecasts before making decisions to close, dismiss early or delay school.


Factors considered before making a weather-related decision about school include:

  • road conditions, temperatures

  • the presence of snow, ice, and sleet

  • bus route rider and driver safety

  • teen driver safety

  • sidewalk and parking lot conditions

  • staff driver safety

  • the conditions of our facilities District


The Denison ISD website is the OFFICIAL notification location regarding inclement weather cancellations or delays. In the event that the district closes, dismisses early or delays school for weather-related issues, local television and radio stations will be notified by the district. Campus Facebook pages and district Twitter (Denison ISD @denisonISD or DISD Communications @DISD_PR_COMM) accounts may also be utilized forms of communication for Denison ISD. Social media is a great way to connect and interact with our students online.


Emergency Notification System

Weather-related school closings and delays will be communicated to employees and parents via the district's emergency telephone notification system. The system can call ALL the emergency contact numbers simultaneously. NOTE: please be sure that your contact information is up-to-date in Denison ISD parent/guardian records. The district uses emergency contact information provided by parents for the emergency notification system. Staff and student information is updated regularly to ensure accurate communications. In addition to a phone call, staff should also receive a corresponding written email message.

NOTE: DISD cannot be responsible for any information communicated through sources not approved by the district. Please refer to the DISD approved information sources mentioned above to verify any information being communicated through non-approved sources, including social media.

Questions about district weather-related procedures may be directed to the Denison ISD Communications office at 903-462-7027.

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