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Denison ISD

Transportation Department

3906 South S.H. 91 (Texoma Parkway), Denison, Texas 75020

Tel. 903.462.7100     Fax 903.462.7076


Bus Transportation Information

Student School Bus Behavior Contract

To download a copy of the Bus Behavior Contract, CLICK HERE


General Information

  • Bus Drivers, students, parents, teachers, and school administrators share the responsibility for bus safety, following all bus rules, and behaving in a responsible manner.

  • Riding the school bus is a privilege. If you behave inappropriately, you could lose your riding privilege.

  • Bus Drivers have the authority to ensure all rules and regulations are followed.


School Bus Rules

1. Students will always cooperate with the bus driver.

2. Students will not write on, disfigure, or damage any part of the bus.

3. Students will not throw any item on or out of the bus.

4. Students will not possess or use weapons, drugs, tobacco, or fire producing devices, in any form on the bus.

5. Students will not scream, yell, or cause loud noises on the bus.

6. Students will remain seated, facing forward in the seat while the bus in motion.

      Seat belt use continues to be encouraged for ALL passengers.

7. Students will not be dropped off elsewhere unless they have prior written approval from their parents and Campus Principal.

(School buses are operated to take only eligible students from home to school and back home again.)

8. Students will not have or consume food or drinks on the bus.

9. Students will conduct themselves on buses in the same manner as in the classroom. Inappropriate language or acting in a disrespectful manner will not be tolerated.


If I choose not to follow this contract, I understand the following consequences may occur:

Penalties for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th infraction for ALL DISD students. Suspensions are stated in school days, not calendar days.

  • 1st - Parents are to be notified by the Campus Principal and the student is placed on probation.

  • 2nd - 3-day minimum suspension from riding the bus for all students, depending upon the nature of the violation.

  • 3rd - 15-day minimum suspension from riding the bus for all students, depending upon the nature of the violation.

  • 4th – Students who receive a 4th infraction while using Denison ISD transportation will be subject to further disciplinary actions at the discretion of the Director of Transportation that may include expulsion from the bus for the remainder of the academic year.

Flagrant Violations: Fighting, gross insubordination, and any other acts that might cause safety hazards.

  • 1st infraction – 10-day suspension from riding the bus    

  • 2nd flagrant infraction – Suspension from riding the bus for the remainder of the semester or 20 days (whichever is greater)

  • In extreme cases, the driver may notify the Director of Transportation, and the Director of Transportation may take immediate action, including suspension.


NOTE: If bus privileges are suspended, I must arrange my own transportation to and from school. Additional referrals may result in removal from the bus for the remainder of the school year.


  1. Students must have a transportation bus card to board their assigned routes. If a student does not have their transportation bus card when boarding, the bus driver will manually add the student (this will count as one instance) for that trip and notify the student that they must report to their campus front office to request a new card. At this time no fees are being collected for replacement transportation bus cards.

  2. Three (3) documented consecutive instances without their bus transportation card will result on the third instance a report to the Principal by the Director of Transportation. The Principal will then contact the student to address the issue of failure to comply with our bus card policy and work with the student to determine how we help them be more responsible in the future.

  3. Any continued issue or flagrant violations that fall outside the above example, will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by the Principal and Transportation Director.

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