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DISD Mental Health Services

Parent resources for supporting their child's Mental Health


Children are facing a lot of uncertainty in their lives. Helping children develop tolerance to uncertainty allows them to become resilience. Below are resources which share strategies for managing anxiety and worry.  Incorporating good brain health practices in our daily lives is good mental health.

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6 Tips for Coping in uncertain times

Back-to-School Tips for Parents to Help Teens Thrive

Anxiety and Coping with the Coronavirus


How teachers can talk to children about coronavirus disease

COVID-19) Tips for having age appropriate discussions to reassure and protect children.

8 tips for managing children's anxiety about COVID-19

It's normal for children to feel anxious about change and the unknown. Learn how parents can help.

COVID-19 Parenting


If you need further information or resources reach out to your child’s school counselor or Jackie Melancon, Thrive Coordinator

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