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Denison ISD Mission Statement & Beliefs

Denison ISD Mission Statement 

To ensure quality learning for all students... So that upon graduation, they will be prepared to assume the roles and responsibilities of productive adult citizens in our society.


We believe our students are unique and valuable individuals capable of higher levels of learning. Therefore our commitment is to:

  • Maintain high expectations so that students take responsibility for their learning.

  • Design learning experiences to accommodate students' mastery of tasks in different ways and at different times.

  • Expect students to assume responsibility for behaviors and actions.

  • Provide each student the information, assistance, and support that enable him or her to develop educational and career goals.


We believe every employee of the district has the responsibility to provide and support quality learning experiences for student success. Therefore our commitment is to:

  • Focus on our core business... student learning.

  • Provide clear and compelling understanding of what students are expected to know and be able to do.

  • Design rigorous, engaging work that leads students to higher levels of learning.

  • Collaborate through professional learning communities to provide quality learning experiences.

  • Provide a safe, trusting environment for learning.

  • Develop teachers as leaders of students - leading by inspiring, facilitating,

  • Encouraging and nurturing.

  • Monitor and assess student learning continuously.

  • Provide support for student success - "whatever it takes"


We believe public education provides the opportunities and experiences that enrich lives and are essential to the success of our community and country. Therefore our commitment is to:

  • Collaborate with families, businesses, and government and education agencies to develop a partnership between the community and school in order to support public education for a mutual benefit.

  • Expect and enable parents to play an active role in education by monitoring their children's performance and working collaboratively and positively to maximize their children's experiences.

  • Serve as good stewards of resources provided by the community.

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