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Getting a head start on your child's education

The Denison ISD early childhood education program provides a language and literacy enriched environment where children have hands-on opportunities for learning. The curriculum framework follows the Texas Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and provides an instructional program that is vertically aligned with the Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.


Denison ISD offers a number of programs for preschool children. Students must live in the Denison ISD attendance zone and meet eligibility requirements for the program. A child will not be registered until all required eligibility has been met.


Head Start

Head Start is a full-day federally funded program for three and four-year-old preschool children. This comprehensive early childhood program provides services in education, health, social services, nutrition, mental health, and parent/family engagement. To be eligible for enrollment in a Head Start class, a child must be at least three or four years of age on or before September 1 of the current school year and meet at least one of the eligibility requirements.


Prekindergarten is a full-day state funded program for four-year-old preschool children.  To be eligible for enrollment in a free prekindergarten class, a child must be at least four years of age on or before September 1 of the current school year and meet at least one of the eligibility requirements.

Early Childhood Special Education

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) is a special education program that serves children between the ages of three to five who have delays in the areas of speech, language, physical, social and/or emotional development. The amount of time and type of services provided is determined by an Individual Education Program (IEP) committee. Eligible students attend this program at no cost to the family. Students are eligible for services on their third birthday.

Parent and Family Engagement

The Denison Independent School District is committed to making parents/guardians, community members and educators full partners with DISD, empowering families to support the early learning and development of children and by providing families educational opportunities and resources to ensure lifelong success.

In accordance with the Commissioner's Rule 102.1003 (f), DISD established six family engagement strategies that are based on best practices research to support student learning, achievement, and family well-being.  These practices are proven to demonstrate positive short-term and long-tern outcomes for early childhood education.  DISD’s Early Childhood Family Engagement Plan highlights the various examples of the multitude of strategies that each campus selects to participate in, based on the individual needs of the students and parents of that campus.  Some activities will meet more than one component and could be applicable to both.

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