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DISD School Board Agenda

School Board agendas for each month are posted online prior to the board meeting. You may view the current and past agendas by following the link below.

The Denison ISD Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of each month (in most cases). Please refer to the School Board Meeting Calendar page to verify meeting dates.


The Denison ISD Board of Trustees meets at 6:30 pm in the Bruce T. Hibbett Board Room in the Denison ISD Administration Building located at 1201 S. Rusk. The meetings are open to the public.




Denison Independent School District

1201 S. Rusk Avenue, Denison, TX 75020

September 19, 2023

Published for DISD employees in the week following school board meetings.


NOTE: Attachments for agenda items can be viewed by visiting the Board of Trustees agenda site at  Board Book - Denison ISD Meetings


Denison ISD Board of Trustees President Bob Rhoden called to order the Meeting of the Denison ISD Board of Trustees on August 15, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. in the Bruce T. Hibbitt, Jr. Board Room of the Administration Building, located at 1201 S. Rusk in Denison, Texas. The Board began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Michael Keefer from Lamar Elementary followed by the invocation by Denison ISD assistant superintendent Dr. Andru Gilbert. Board vice-president Becky Russell

presented the role of DISD Board Trustees, who work diligently to serve and meet the educational needs of more than 4,500 Denison ISD students, states: “As a Denison ISD board of trustees, we are here to set goals, listen to reports, approve budgets & contracts and make policy for the district. It is not the role of the board to make day-to-day operational decisions. The management and day-to-day operations of the district are the responsibility of the Superintendent. We have policies and procedures in place to resolve concerns and issues. This is a public meeting of the Board of Trustees, not a meeting of the public. Prior to this meeting, the Board of trustees received information related to items on tonight’s agenda. Agenda items will not necessarily be handled in the order listed on the notice. The meeting is open to all who wish to attend and hear the matters discussed.”  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The Board of Trustees approved all routine business.   


During the Board comments portion of the meeting, trustees stated… 


Board member David Hawley: “I have had the opportunity to go to several of the legislative vote dates and now it's coming down to where we're going.” 

Board member Shelle Cassell: “I'm so excited to see all of the extracurricular activities and the things that kids are involved in and that they are making their presence known in their community. And nothing made me smile bigger than seeing the Hyde Park Sign Language Club at Sully’s Homecoming parade. I just I love that our kids are participating. And I love that organization.” 

Board secretary Linda Flemming: “I'm excited about going to the convention. I'm more excited that we will have a great escort again this year. Thank you, Dr. Gilbert.” 

Board vice-president Becky Russell: “Last week was just phenomenal here. Starting, well, probably before that, but for us and our family, Thursday through Sunday, celebrating the Denison ISD homecoming activities with folks of all ages. It was exciting. And the heroes welcome for Sully, it was neat for our kids and their families. And there is something I did want to mention. Maybe not too many people know this about or not. There's a backpack program now in elementary through BMAC, I believe. So, what they're doing is, on weekends, on Fridays, children that perhaps need food for the weekend, stop by the counselor’s office and discreetly pick up a backpack and take it home and they have food for the weekend. I just think it’s another way we love hard on our kids. And I feel like that program will grow a little bit. It’s just a neat thing that I don’t think everyone’s aware of.” 

Board member Scott Marr: “I would like to welcome Mrs. Amy Jordan here tonight and I've got her convinced that the trustees are going to create a play and my recommendation is “Christmas Vacation”. You know,  I'm already casting all of you.” 

Board member Eric Hunt: “I wasn't going to say anything, but then I thought back to Friday night and all the festivities that happened at homecoming. And forgive me for my lack of knowledge, I don't know what happened with the band during that quarter, but it was really cool to see all the band kids, without missing a beat, move over to the student section and continue to celebrate and cheer on the team. I just thought that was a really cool experience because a lot of times that would have broken down into a whole other mess. But our kids just joined right in and knew where they needed to be in the party pit. 

Board president Bob Rhoden: “I don’t want to steal your thunder, Dr. Kirkbride. But didn’t we pass out some checks the other day?” 

Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. David Kirkbride: “So Friday, Friday morning, you know, we just kind of divvied up and went to each of the different campuses to distribute bonus checks. And, I know we've been doing this for about three years now, but I want you to know that it is appreciated. Tears. Lots of thanks. I heard a couple of brief stories about how this was going to help them (fill the blank in there). Very, very, very appreciated. Thank you to the board for continuing to support those gestures. Speaking of which, Shonda has a card I won't say anymore. I'll let you tell them what that's all about.” 

Denison ISD Director of Instruction Shonda Cannon: "Well, I think a big gift deserves a big thank you and some from our curriculum team. We just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate the gesture. But I also have been on campuses and I can speak on behalf of teachers as well. I was fortunate to pass out checks at Terrell Elementary and I had a teacher to just literally cry tears of joy. She has three boys and she said ‘I can feed my babies this weekend’. And then a new teacher, who was not expecting it, and new to us, not new to the profession, she said she has never been in a district where she had a school board to support her like this. And so, just wanted to thank you all publicly and let you know just from the campuses, teachers are very appreciative and we are as well.” 

Board president Bob Rhoden: “So, the football game Friday night, that was pretty great.” 

Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. David Kirkbride:  "We had a visit from Marty Criswell. He was there and we had the opportunity to hear him speak to the mentor program at Parkside Baptist Friday morning. Dr. Scott was there and he said it exactly right. He said Marty Criswell has the ability to say so much in a very short period of time. I think he spoke for about 5 minutes, but his message was just powerful. You could hear a pin drop in the room and of course he was on the sideline, and up in the press box during the game. And, most of you in this room know this, but he coined the phrase ‘it's great for the Yellow Jacket’ and he referenced that in his talked to the boys. So, all around, that weekend had a lot of good reminders of the amazing district we serve here."

Board president Bob Rhoden: “I have to say, sitting at the game, probably not in the seats where I sit now, as opposed to the first seats, right? Where we used to sit a long time ago. They were loaner seats from Jared Johnson because his family had possession of them because they belonged to his family. He was the mayor. He just held on to them himself. Seats on the 50-yard line, and they were amazing. Six rows up. But there was this guy and his wife that sat one row ahead. And about four or five seats down. And he had all these kids and I used to wonder ‘where are they finding all these kids from?’ Are these neighborhood kids they bring with them? Now I know they were all their kids. And, so to look down the other night, see going to your seats. And I thought, man. I just thought back to all those faces we used to pick on.” 


During the Superintendent comments portion of the meeting... 

Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. David Kirkbride: “For those of you that are attending TASBO, Doctor Gilbert's already sent out your travel itinerary and hotel arrangements and all that. If you have any questions about that, deal with him tonight or sometime this week. We're looking forward to that. I've been asked previously about the 88th legislative session updates and the trainings. This is exceptionally short notice, but I've got some dates and some locations for you guys to consider. Next Monday, the 25th there’s an offering in Bells at Bells High School from 5:30 to 8:30. What I'll do is I'll send an e-mail to you guys in the morning. Y'all can reply if that's going to work for you. And then I'll arrange for transportation and we'll get suburban and we'll go with whoever can go. Again, that's the 25th at Bells High School. Now, the next opportunity would be October the 3rd from 5:30 to 8:30. On Monday, and that's at Caddo Mills. It's not quite Bells. I wanted to give you guys these dates and these venues. And then a third one would be October the 4th at Region 10 from 530 to 830. If you guys will let me know if any of those dates will work for you, we'll make arrangements to make sure you get there.” 


At the conclusion of the Superintendent’s comments, the meeting proceeded as scheduled. 



  • Routine Business - Consent Agenda 

  • Approval of Board minutes for the July 2023 (11.A.1) 

  • Approve Expenditures for July 2023 (11.A.2) 

  • Approval of the July 2023 investment report (11.A.3) 

  • Approval of the July 2023 financial reports (11.A.4) 

  • Approval of the July 2023 tax reports (11.A.5) 




Agenda Item #: 11.B.1. 

Subject: Consider approval of Serving Line Proposal  

The tabulation of proposals received for the serving line at the B. McDaniel cafeteria is available for review. Evaluations considered management qualifications, references, quality of product, and cost. The board awarded Mission Restaurant Supply the serving line proposal. 


Agenda Item #: 11.B.2. 

Subject: Consider approval of Fine Arts Proposal 23-010  

The tabulation of proposals received for the theatrical lighting and controls, integrated audio/video systems, and other equipment is available for review. The board awarded Digital Resources, Inc. the fine arts proposal. 


Agenda Item #: 11.B.3. 

Subject: Consider approval of the 2023-22 Budget Amendments  

Budget amendments are recommended to realign budgeted amounts to meet projected actual revenues and expenditures. The attachment details the recommended budget amendments. 

  • General Fund: Add $299,000 to Function 81 

The board approved the budget amendments as presented. 


Agenda Item #: 11.B.4. 

Subject: Consider approval of updated Other Revenues Investment policy CDA(Local)  

The changes and updated Other Revenues Investment policy are attached for Review. The board approved the updated Other Revenues Investment policy CDA(Local). 


Agenda Item #: 11.B.5. 

Subject: Consider approval of Investment Policy Resolution  

The Public Funds Investment Act requires each governing body to review their investment policy and strategies at least annually. The act also requires the designation of investment officers, approval of independent sources of investment training, and approve authorized brokers/dealers. The attached Board Resolution documents the annual review of the investment policy and investment strategies. The board approved the investment policy resolution. 






Agenda Item #: 12.A 

Subject: Approve District Improvement Plan  

This item was tabled and will be handled by the Board of Trustees as an agenda item during the October meeting.  


Agenda Item #: 12.B 

Subject: House Bill 3 Board Goals: Early Childhood Literacy and Early Childhood 

Mathematics According to Texas Education Code, §11.185, the Board of Trustees adopted annual goals for five school years to reach quantifiable goals for student performance in the three areas of early childhood literacy proficiency, early childhood mathematics proficiency, and college, career, and military readiness (CCMR). In order to inform the Board of Trustees regarding students’ progress toward meeting the established goals in early childhood literacy and mathematics proficiency, the following 3rd-grade STAAR data from the Spring 2023 Administration is presented. 


Agenda Item #: 12.C 

Subject: Personnel Report 

The following resignations were accepted: 

  • Amy Webb – Teacher – Pathways High School (effective, 8/18/23) 

The following employees have been hired: 

  • Keith Brumlow – School Resource Officer (effective, 9/1/23) 

  • Amy Leach – School Resource Officer (effective, 9/1/23) 

  • Joe Ross – School Resource Officer (effective, 9/1/23) 

  • Andy Craig – Technology Systems – (effective, 8/14/23) 



  • Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.076, discussions regarding deployment and implementation of security personnel or devices. 


  • Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, discussions regarding personnel 


  • Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.072, discussions regarding real property 



Following the handling of all business items on the agenda, the meeting adjourned. 

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