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September 15, 2020

Published for DISD employees on the morning after school board meetings


NOTE: Attachments for agenda items can be viewed by visiting the Board of Trustees agenda site at  Board Book - Denison ISD Meetings


Denison ISD Board President David Hawley called to order the Regular Meeting of the Denison ISD Board of Trustees on September 15, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. in the Bruce T. Hibbett Board Room at the Denison ISD Administration Building. Following the roll call and welcome, Mr. Hawley gave an overview of the role of DISD Board Trustees who work and serve to meet the educational needs of more than 4,500 Denison ISD students: “As a Denison ISD board of trustees we are here to set goals, listen to reports, approve budgets & contracts and make policy for the district. It is not the role of the board to make day to day operational decisions. The management and day to day operations of the district are the responsibility of the superintendent. We have policies and procedures in place to resolve concerns and issues. This is a public meeting of the board of trustees, not a meeting of the public. Prior to this meeting, board trustees received information related to items on tonight’s agenda. Agenda items will not necessarily be handled in the order listed on the notice. The meeting is open to all who wish to attend and hear the matters discussed.” The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag which was followed by the invocation by Dr. David Kirkbride. DISD Board President David Hawley presented the Denison ISD Board’s Vision Statement as follows: The Denison Independent School District will inspire, enable and encourage all students to learn, grow and succeed in a global society. Following the opening procedures, Board members’ comments included the following: Board member Becky Russell continues to hear positive comments regarding the school year. Board vice-president Ken Altnether agreed that the daily business of school is running smoothly. Board member Bob Rhoden says that he knew that our teachers were well prepared and they are proving to be as successful as ever. Board president David Hawley commented that this COVID situation is real and thanked everyone for their well-wishes and positive thoughts. Following the Board comments, minutes from the previous meeting were approved. All routine business was approved.



Attached is the District Improvement Plan for 2020-2021. The plan outlines goals in five areas of the District. This document develops goals and objectives for improvement of our school programs, provides direction for individual Campus Improvement Plans and helps drive the district budget.

  • Student achievement

  • Student responsibilities

  • Safe and orderly school climate

  • Parent/community involvement

The plan was developed and updated with input from Central Office staff and campus principals, and approved by the District Educational Improvement Council. The Board of Trustees approved the attached District Improvement Plan for 2020-2021 school year, as presented.


CONSIDER A RESOLUTION DESIGNATING GRAYSON COUNTY TEXAS 4-H ORGANIZATION AS ELIGIBLE FOR EXTRACURRICULAR STATUS FOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES Attached is a request from Dr. Tamra McGaughy, Grayson County Extension Agent, requesting that the 4-H organization be designated as an extracurricular activity. The designation would provide attendance exemptions for students involved in 4-H approved activities. Also attached is an Adjunct Faculty Agreement for compliance with Section 3 of the Student Attendance Handbook as provided by the State Board of Education. The Board of Trustees approved the Resolution supporting the 4-H organization as an eligible extracurricular activity.


CONSIDER RFP FOR CONTRACTED SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES In order to prepare for all possible special education student needs in the future, Denison ISD requested proposals for contracted special education services. The services would be engaged, if the District did not have the personnel to provide adequate support for our special education population. Services requested were the following: Speech Language Pathologist Services, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Services, Physical Therapy Services, Occupational Therapy Services, Occupational Therapy Assistant Services, Nursing Services, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Services, Educational Diagnostician Services, and Licensed Professional Counselor. A recommendation will be presented at the board meeting.


CONSIDER A SHARED SERVICES AGREEMENT TO CREATE A COOPERATIVE ARRANGEMENT THROUGH WHICH THE SERVICES TO STUDENTS WITH AUTISM GRANT PROGRAM AWARD CAN BE ADMINISTERED IN THE MEMBER DISTRICTS Denison ISD, Frisco ISD, Plano ISD, Richardson ISD, Sherman ISD, Garland ISD, and Wylie ISD have proposed to create a cooperative arrangement to administer the Students with Autism Grant Program. Richardson ISD shall serve as the fiscal agent for this SSA. The SSA shall be effective from the date of the grant award and shall continue through May 31, 2021. The Board approved the Shared Service Agreement to create a cooperative arrangement through which the services to students with autism grant program award can be administered in the member districts.



DISD Board of Trustees Vision

The Denison Independent School District will inspire, enable and encourage all students

to learn, grow and succeed in a global society.

DISD Board of Trustees Goals

  • Provide our students with fundamentally sound academic skills.

  • Produce students with diversified and challenging academic, career and life skills

enabling them to function in multiple roles in their adult lives.

  • Provide an effective and integrated technology infrastructure and programs for

classroom instruction.

  • Support the recruitment, development and retention of qualified staff personnel.

  • Partner with the parents and the community to realize our mission of providing a

quality education for all students.

  • Maintain fiscal integrity and responsibility within the Denison Independent School

  • Have a safe, secure and orderly learning environment in all facilities.

  • Instill a culture of responsibility, support and compassion for all students and



The follow resignation was accepted, effective August 11, 2020:

  • Erik VanMeter – Environmental Science/IPC, Denison High School

The following employees have been hired for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Heather Mays – Environmental Science/IPC, Denison High School

  • Gabrielle Morgan – Speech Language Pathologist, Terrell Elementary School

  • Faiza Sheikh – Speech Language Pathologist, Denison High School/B. McDaniel Intermediate School


During the superintendent comments, Dr. Henry Scott praised our head nurse Rachael Ricker and the Denison ISD school nurses for the great job they have done this year keeping our campuses safe, as have all of our staff members. There are still some glitches out there in certain areas, but we are working through those as they arise.


There being no further business, Board President David Hawley adjourned the meeting.

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