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The Denison ISD Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of each month (in most cases). Please refer to the School Board Meeting Calendar page to verify meeting dates.


The Denison ISD Board of Trustees meets at 6:30 pm in the Bruce T. Hibbett Board Room in the Denison ISD Administration Building located at 1201 S. Rusk. The meetings are open to the public.




Denison Independent School District

1201 S. Rusk Avenue, Denison, TX 75020

April 19, 2022

Published for DISD employees in the week following school board meetings.


NOTE: Attachments for agenda items can be viewed by visiting the Board of Trustees agenda site at  Board Book - Denison ISD Meetings


Denison ISD Board of Trustees President Bob Rhoden called to order the Regular Meeting of the Denison ISD Board of Trustees on April 19, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. in the Bruce T. Hibbitt, Jr. Board Room of the Administration Building, located at 1201 S. Rusk in Denison, Texas. The Board began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Kensi McLemore from Terrell Elementary, followed by the invocation by Dr. David Kirkbride. Board member Shelle Cassell presented an overview of the role of DISD Board Trustees who work diligently to serve and meet the educational needs of more than 4,500 Denison ISD students: “As a Denison ISD board of trustees, we are here to set goals, listen to reports, approve budgets & contracts and make policy for the district. It is not the role of the board to make day-to-day operational decisions. The management and day-to-day operations of the district are the responsibility of the Superintendent. We have policies and procedures in place to resolve concerns and issues. This is a public meeting of the board of trustees, not a meeting of the public. Prior to this meeting, Board trustees received information related to items on tonight’s agenda. Agenda items will not necessarily be handled in the order listed on the notice. The meeting is open to all who wish to attend and hear the matters discussed.”  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The Board of Trustees approved all routine business.  


During the board comments portion of the meeting: 

Mr Hawley: “I just want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers for me getting back on my feet. I’m just on one right now and then hit the other one later. I've just been keeping up with everything through the correspondence and for the meetings that I was in a mess because of the injury. But everything looks good going on and we're looking forward to seeing our graduates.” 

Mrs. Cassell: “Yes, I just want to give a shout out to the students in the Advanced Manufacturing Program. I know that they're coming to the end of their first year or many of them, hopefully a second or third year and that they are succeeding in that program. And I hope they tell their friends what a really great opportunity. It's a very special program and I think it's a real asset to our district and our community to have that. So give me a shout out. Thank you.” 

Mrs. Flemming: “I'd like to say congratulations to all the students and staff for their recent accomplishments we've had. At the last board meeting, I called the wrong school, so I'm not calling schools. We've had some great accomplishments and we've had some students that participated in track that are now moving on to area meets. So, congratulations to the students and the staff.  

Mr. Marr: “I would just like to welcome Dr. Gilbert and his wife. It is good meeting you. We’re all excited. You're going to enjoy Denison. If you need any recommendations for churches, doctors, feel free to call. We're excited to have you guys with us. You're gonna enjoy this great place and we look forward to having you. Thank you.  

Mrs. Russell: “I just want to shout out to the new elementary teacher of the year and the secondary teacher of the year. I've been here long enough now to know when they started. Through the mentoring program, we watched both of them grow. It was just exciting for me because we saw when they were baby teachers and to see them mature and become teachers of the year. That’s pretty awesome.” 

Bob Rhoden: “It was an exciting week last week with the Texas Scholars Luncheon. It's always fun to go out there and see those kids get their awards and some of the parents were there that I knew and it was fun to pick on some of those kids that I had taken or had been with at Camp Goddard and they came up and remembered me. I don't know how they still remembered me after all these years, but they did. And so, that was a fun time. And then to get invited back that evening for the picnic and to see all of the teachers and staff and everybody out there. It really is a nice arena. It's a great place for that event. Everybody was so happy and I do remember somebody at lunch remarked “it's a two hamburger day today”. We're pretty excited about that, but getting to see the teachers of the year named and the excitement around that was great. I was also going to mention the AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Placement) program because just today I had a chance to meet with Janie Bates, who's the executive Director of Workforce Solutions Texoma, and some of you know, she and I worked together for a lot longer than either of us are willing to admit. We've been friends for a lot of years. She passed along a compliment to Denison ISD today by way of Dr. Cavin and Carrie Boettger and said that she certainly appreciated the way that Denison participates with that program and the ability that when they send a staff person in to talk with students, they get a designated place in the library. Counselors help them throughout the day. Students come in when they're supposed to and meet with them. She just said that she really wished that all the schools had the same setup that we do when it comes to the AMP program. So, having been a part of that a long, long time ago, when it first started, it made me feel good. But it also made me feel good to know that that our high school principal and our lead counselor at the high school were getting big props from her for how hard they work and how much emphasis they put on that program. We all believe in it and believe that it's really good. So it's a great time of the year, a lot of celebrations going on. It'll be graduation before we know it.” 

During the superintendent comments portion of the meeting...

Dr. Scott: “We've had a great school year yet had been perfect. We've kind of learned to live with COVID and we have had a lot of success throughout this year. And, on May the 17th, at the High school auditorium, we are going to celebrate all of our students' success. We do that in May of each year. Athletic teams, academics, band, chorale music, etc. But there'll be a lot of kids honored at that meeting and it's always a highlight of the school year to be able to call attention to the achievement of our students. Did want to mention that since Bob brought up the Texas Scholars Luncheon and the Employee Appreciation Cookout, those events are sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Denison Education Foundation. They've done that for a number of years. The cookout is a brainchild of our POPS (Power of Positive Students) committee. And I didn't count everybody, but there were probably well over 800 people out there. And the idea started with just the employees and then somebody at one of the POPS meetings (may have been Shonda Cannon) said, “Why don't we invite the kids and families?” When we did that, it really opened up that event. It's a special event that is an opportunity for us to get to know one another without wearing a suit and tie... with the right T-shirt on, and blue jeans. And it was a fun activity. But again, I think we're very blessed to have quality people throughout this school district, from top to bottom. The people we've got working in this school district, and I said this many times, the strength of our schools are the people in the classrooms, the people that serve those people in the classrooms, the bus drivers, food service, custodians, everybody is important to the success of the school district. And again, that contributes to a great school year. So that's all i have. It was a great event. It was nice to be there and just enjoy the atmosphere. I saw a lot of you all out there and it just felt really good. I know you all felt good to be together again.” 

At the conclusion of the Superintendent’s comments, the Board meeting proceeded as scheduled. 




DISD became a District of Innovation in 2016 exempting the District from the uniform school start date. The exemption was approved for a five-year period, after which, to renew the plan, the District must repeat the adoption process to extend for an additional five-year period. Enclosed is notice of the public hearing with the Districtwide Educational Improvement Council and teams of the District of Innovation renewal plan. The Board of Trustees approved the District of Innovation Plan to exempt the district from the uniform school start date. 




It is important we identify community members to serve on the Citizens Long Range Facilities Planning Committee over the next few weeks. During the May Board meeting Steve Hulsey, our chief architect, will brief the Board on the Long-Range Facilities Planning process. At the June Board meeting, the Board will consider approving the committee membership, the committee’s Co-Chairs, “Charge to the Committee” and schedule for the long-range master plan. The Board of Trustees approved the proposed process for the committee formation selection. 




State law requires that the local Board of Trustees certify that, for each subject in the required curriculum, students have access to the instructional materials that cover all the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The Board of Trustees approved the attached certification. 






Denison High School 

The Commencement Program for Denison High School seniors will be held on 

Saturday, May 21st, at 8:30 p.m. at Munson Stadium. Approximately 280 

students will be graduating. The year’s commencement speaker will be Dr. Will 

Voelzke, MD, a 1994 graduate and class Valedictorian of Denison High School. 

Dr. Voelzke is a highly respected Oncologist with a practice in Richmond, 

Virginia. (Resume’ attached) 



In case of rain on Saturday night, we will move graduation to Sunday night at 

8:30 p.m. If we have rain on Sunday night, the program will be moved to the 

DHS gymnasium and each senior will be issued four tickets to distribute to their 

family. The doors to the gymnasium will be open at 7:00 p.m. and ticket holders 

will be admitted until 8:00 p.m. From 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. any other persons 

will be admitted, if seats are available. Space for any overflow crowd will be 

provided in other areas of the high school. 


Pathways High School 

The Commencement Program for the Pathways High School seniors will be held 

on Friday, May 20th, at 7:00 p.m. The program will be at Eisenhower Auditorium 

at Scott Middle School, with 50-65 students graduating. The doors to Scott Middle School will be open at 6:15 p.m. 



This year’s program will be held at Smith Auditorium at 8:00am Friday, 

May 20th. To date we have thirteen employees that will be recognized as retirees. In 

addition, fourteen employees will be receiving 20-year service pins, six will receive 30-year pins, six 30-year pins will be awarded. While individual recognitions are an important part of completing any school year, this year’s program provides a unique, special, and unprecedented opportunity for us to celebrate what we have accomplished this year as a district, as a family. Time will be devoted to celebrating and thanking our Yellow Jacket Family for their sacrifice and unrivaled commitment to this historical school year. We will also take some time to provide some insight into the upcoming school year. The event is hosted by the Board of Trustees, District POPS Council and 

Denison Classroom Teachers Association. The Board president, or designee, will present the retirement awards and service pins to honor several employees for their long-term service to DISD, and celebrate with those who are retiring. We would like to encourage all board members to attend this year’s Employee Recognition Program if their schedules will allow. 



The follow resignations were accepted, effective at the end of the 2022-2023 school year: 

  • Donna Blair-Diagnostician, Administration Building 

  • Allyson Birdsong-Special Education Teacher, Hyde Park Elementary School 

  • Michael Bizzell-Study Skills, Denison High School 

  • Mackenzie Burt-Secondary English, Denison High School 

  • Gretchen Carroll-Secondary English, Denison High School 

  • Haleigh Drake-2nd Grade, Hyde Park Elementary School 

  • Amy Hastings-3rd Grade, Terrell Elementary School 

  • Chelsea Ivy-Special Education Teacher, Denison High School 

  • Joyce Jaime-Speech Therapist, Scott Middle School 

  • Stephanie Lawrence– 3rd Grade, Terrell Elementary School(Retirement) 

  • Dena Massey-Secondary English, Scott Middle School 

  • Rachel Moore-Secondary Math, Denison High School 

  • Wanda Odom-Special Education Resource, B. McDaniel Intermediate School 

  • Kimberly San Millan-Special Education Teacher, Terrell Elementary 

  • Rachel Pearce-Secondary English, Denison High School 

  • Amanda Sparacio – English, Scott Middle School 

  • Kallie Wilson – 1st Grade, Lamar Elementary School 

  • Douglas Wood-Secondary Math, Scott Middle School(Retirement) 

The following employees have been hired for the 2022-2022 school year: 

  • Sergio Amezcua-Bilingual Teacher, Mayes Elementary 

  • Kayla Brin-Kindergarten, Lamar Elementary School 

  • Sonja Faubion – Unassigned 

  • Dr. Andru Gilbert-Assistant Superintendent, Administration Building 

  • Kaitlyn Gregory – Unassigned 

  • Jayna Hearn-English, Scott Middle School 

  • Michelle Estes-Housden-Unassigned 

  • Angela Hutson – 3rd Grade, Terrell Elementary School 

  • Sonya Jones-Unassigned 

  • Kacie Lawrence– Diagnostician, Administration Building 

  • Skylar Logan-Head Start, Hyde Park Elementary School 

  • Destinee Miller-Unassigned 

  • Abbigail Mitchell – Unassigned Teacher 

  • Janea Mitchell-3rd Grade, Hyde Park Elementary School 

  • Mikayla Sander – Unassigned Teacher 

  • Mary-Jac O’Daniel – Diagnostician, Administration Building 

  • Rhiannon Reinecker-Special Education Teacher, Mayes Elementary School 

  • Charlee Reeves-Special Education Teacher, Terrell Elementary School 

  • Yolanda Rodriguez-2nd Grade, Lamar Elementary School 


Following the regular business portion of the meeting, the Board meeting was adjourned.