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Denison ISD Facilities & 

Transportation Department

3906 South S.H. 91 (Texoma Parkway), Denison, Texas 75020

Tel. 903.462.7100     Fax 903.462.7076

For available positions and job openings,

visit our Denison ISD Employment page. 

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Facilities department is to provide outstanding customer support to all students and staff by maintaining facilities effectively and efficiently promoting an environment that is conducive to a successful learning  atmosphere within the Denison Independent School District Community.

Surplus Items/Materials

The DISD Maintenance Department will publicly advertise surplus auction materials from time to time utilizing either an on-site auction at the DISD Service Center Annex Building or by listing surplus items on-line with: 

auction services. Surplus items will include items no longer used or obsolete materials and supplies no longer needed by the school district.






Denison ISD Facilities & Transportation Handbook

For help with maintenance request or inventory request:


David Self

Director of Facilities 


James Cottrell

Assistant Director of Facilities


Note: principals and secretaries are the assigned authorized requesters for these two types of request.


For help with trip request:

Randy Taylor

Director of Transportation

DISD Maintenance Department

On-Call After Hours Phone # (903) 357-3822

***Maintenance also has a night time security person on-call from 4:00 pm to 7:00 am each day throughout the week and all weekend for any and all emergency or after hour calls***


The Maintenance Department is responsible for repairs and upkeep to all district school buildings and facilities. DISD utilizes an internet based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to organize and submit work request to the maintenance department for processing and planning all maintenance work. The work orders are processed and distributed to our appropriate trades' personnel for completing the work. The maintenance department is made up of the following trade categories:


General Maintenance: (GM) 

This category is responsible for a variety of repairs throughout the district and performs several different tasks as assigned. Some include but are not limited to: repairs to interior and exterior building systems, relocation of school property and furnishings, roof, wall, ceiling, flooring and door repairs and installation of dry erase and other wall mounted tack boards. Welding is also done under this category.


Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning: (HVAC) 

This category is responsible for repairs and upkeep to all district HVAC systems. This includes all heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and exhaust fans throughout the district. Kitchen equipment is also maintained and repaired under this category.



This category is responsible for all repairs of plumbing related systems including restroom fixtures, sewer and drain lines, water, gas, and acid waste lines, etc. New plumbing installations are also managed and installed under this category.



This category is responsible for any and all repairs pertaining to electrical systems throughout the district. The district electrician maintains all lighting interior and exterior and also makes recommendations and installations of higher efficiency systems for cost saving measures to the district.



This category is responsible for repairs to district furnishings and cabinetry. Minor millwork and some special project related work is also done in this category. This category also assists in other trades.

Integrated Pest Management: (IPM) 

This category is responsible for all pest control applications. This category is required by the State and requires pest control documentation on all pest control treatments and requires licensed technicians or certified applicators licensed with the TDA or the SPCS.


This category is responsible for all painting throughout the district facilities and maintains a schedule for interior and exterior painting needs. This category is also responsible for the parking lot striping of parking spaces, handicap spaces and fire lanes.


This category is responsible for all district locks and keys. The locksmith performs repairs on lock and hardware systems throughout the district and duplicates keys and key request for district staff.

*Maintenance is also responsible for the upkeep and care of Stadium fields and all district ball fields.
**Maintenance is also responsible for the Grounds & Custodial operations for the district as defined further under each category.  See Grounds & Custodial.

DISD Custodial Department

The Custodial Department is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the district’s facilities. Custodians are responsible for a daily cleaning schedule for each building that includes, but not limited to, garbage removal, dusting, sweeping, dust mopping, mopping, spot mopping, furniture cleaning, and disinfecting of all classrooms and offices. Also, daily and often twice daily, cleaning and disinfecting of all restrooms, showers, and dressing rooms. Daily disinfecting includes desks, chairs, tables, sharpeners, door knobs, push bars, lockers, and common areas. Custodians also work the breakfast and lunches in the cafeterias helping students with trays, cleaning spills, sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting the cafeterias daily. Custodial duties include daily dust mopping and spot mopping of all hallways. Custodians use the floor scrubber and burnisher weekly in the hallways, cafeterias, and gyms (where applicable). Custodians are in charge of setting up, breaking down, and cleanup for all programs, shows, and ceremonies in the district. The custodians work various sporting events though the year. The Custodial Department also handles light maintenance in their buildings. This includes light bulb replacement, ceiling tile replacement, spot painting, furniture assembly, furniture repair, and classroom moving. Custodians also have team cleaning during the summer break. These duties include dusting, furniture cleaning, furniture disinfectant, furniture removal, floor scrubbing/stripping, waxing, furniture replacement in all classrooms and offices. This includes all classroom and office moves. Custodians also scrub/strip and wax all hallways and cafeterias. Cleaning and disinfecting all restrooms at the beginning of summer and before school starts. Custodians work directly with the custodial supervisor, teachers, and staff to have each campus ready for class each day.   
*The custodial supervisor is listed above and may be contacted anytime during normal working hours to discuss any custodial issues.

DISD Grounds Department

The Grounds department is responsible for the overall lawn and maintenance upkeep of all district facilities. This includes routine visits made to each campus for regular mowing and grounds work. Grounds employees will mow, edge, weed eat, blow off grass, weed, trim and hedge all areas as needed. Other duties or tasks may include tree pruning, planting, flower beds, fertilizing and fall protection in playground areas. The grounds crew is also utilized in other capacities during fall and winter months when mowing is minimal and needs in other areas are defined. DISD Grounds department is responsible for the overall “drive up and curb appeal” at our facilities. 
The grounds department is managed by the grounds supervisor and/or the Director of facilities.
*The grounds supervisor is listed above and may be contacted anytime during normal working hours to discuss any grounds issues or problems.

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