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A dialogue researched and crafted by Dr. David Kirkbride

He is Dr. Scott
  • He is William Henry Scott, Jr. 

  • He is native of White County, Kentucky, born November 19, 1937. 

  • He is the son of William Henry Scott, Sr. and Floretta Rebecca Vermillion.

  • He was raised in Colbert, Oklahoma. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He has answered to the call of the school bell for the past 80 years as a student, teacher, coach, and administrator.


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is an educator for the past 63 years. 

  • He is Dr. Scott

  • He is teacher and coach from 1959 to 1971.

  • He is Denison High School assistant principal from 1971 to 1976 and Denison High School Principal from 1976 to 1981.


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is Denison ISD Assistant Superintendent from 1981 to 1993.

  • He is and has been the Denison ISD Superintendent for the past 29 years…..from 1993 to June 16, 2022. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is a man of many names.

  • He is Mr. Scott, Coach Scott, Dr. Scott, Handsome Henry, Little Henry, Dad, and Paw Paw.

  • He has answered to the bell for each of his names for a lifetime. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the belief that our most valuable resource is our people.

  • He is of the belief that we are only as good as the people we have in our schools…..the people we have in our classrooms. 

He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the frequent acknowledgement of the high quality of people in Denison ISD and the Denison Community. 

  • He is, outside of his family, most proud of the quality of people in Denison. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the hiring of good people and allowing them (and expecting them) to do their jobs…..and to do their jobs well. 

  • He is the appreciation and value of hard work, determination, integrity, and he appreciates people who see a need and take the initiative. 

  • He is the giver of credit when credit is due. 

  • He has answered to the bell of the power of people. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the belief in the power of community. 

  • He is appreciation for the community of Denison.

  • He is the importance of building community relationships……for the good of our students and families, the district and our wonderful City of Denison.   

  • He is Never take the support of the community for granted……never. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is committed to taking care of students and their families. 

  • He is a heart for the less fortunate and for those who are struggling.

  • He is a great philanthropist, supporting and promoting many foundations and non-profits, too many to name. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is an advocate for all things Denison and the spirit of the Yellow Jacket. 

  • He is we’ve got great kids, teachers, staff members, and community.   

  • He is a living, breathing encyclopedia of the history of Denison (the people, places, events, dates, and occasions). 

  • His knows and is the teller of our great story.

  • He has answered to the bell of community.


We are Denison and He is Dr. Scott
  • He is fight for what is right and he is a bull-dogged determination when there is a worthy cause. 

  • He is approaching (cornering) the Commissioner of Education in the restroom about state testing and accountability. 

  • He is putting an Athletic Director firmly in his place (not ours) over the number of BOTA tickets that we should have received. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is well respected in Denison, Grayson County, Region 10, Southeastern Oklahoma, North Texas, and across the great state of Texas. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is an advocate of public education and has remained politically active to that end. 

  • He is Austin is not a friend of education, but that will only change if educators will choose to get out and vote. 

  • He is an “I voted today” sticker on his chest. 

  • He has answered to the bell of being in the corner of Denison ISD and all things public education.


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is a creature of habit. 

  • He is a 6:00 am alarm clock. 

  • He is walk through the doors of the admin building at 7:50 and say good morning to whoever is in ear shot. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is Cotton Patch, Cracker Barrel, and Hucks for lunch. 

  • He is country fried steak, mashed potatoes, and a scoop of Blue Bell. 

  • He is Rotary on Thursdays for lunch and a program. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is a haircut from Ron Ed every 3 weeks without fail at Imperial Barbers on Morton. 

  • He is check and brush his hair in the mirror several times a day…..every day. 

  • He is close the office door at 4:30, change into his workout clothes, and head to the track or the gym. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is leave a little early every third Tuesday of the month to feed the cows and to rest before the school board meeting. 

  • He is perfect attendance at school board meetings since 1981 (that’s well over 500 board meetings).  June 14 will be his last at the helm. 

  • He has answered to the bell of consistency, reliability, and steadfastness. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the epitome of Old School. 

  • He is vintage 1980s wood paneling on his office walls.

He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the same desk and office furniture he inherited from Dr. Bill Jacobs in 1993. 

  • He is the same squeaky chair behind his desk. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is a black Paper Mate flair pen (medium).

  • He is an At-A-Glance flip calendar (that I’ve teased him about wearing it on his belt). 

  • He is “How does an electronic signature even work?”


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is start meetings on time. 

  • He is short meetings……..and he’s done when he’s done. 

  • And in general, He is……just be on time. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is a white shirt, suit, and tie…….and wear your suit coat when you leave the building. 

  • He is an absolute love of the superintendency for the past 29 years, and it has never felt like a job, rather a true joy and passion. 

  • He has answered to the bell of the comfort of the old fashioned, highly effective way of life and work. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is a character. 

  • He is a sly smile and a wink. 

  • He is the biting of his finger nails. 

  • He is What the hell just happened?  Damn idiot and That’s the craziest things I’ve ever heard or seen. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is I was prepared to lie about it, but I didn’t have to (with a smile and a wink). 

  • He is What are they going to do… me?

  • And he is swapping stories of the good ole days with the Old Guard and having some fun at the expense of some other “characters”. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is in control……and he likes it that way!  He is impossible to say No to.

  • He is an iron clad memory that never ceases to amaze. 

  • He has answered to the bell of finding joy in work and life and not taking either too seriously. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is an accomplished leader. 

  • He is the Texas Classroom Teachers Association central office administrator of the year.

  • He is the House of Representative honoree for exceptional contribution to public education.

  • He is the Rotary Club Outstanding Community Service Award recipient

  • He is Southeastern Oklahoma State University Distinguished Alumni

  • He is the Denison Education Association Educator of the Year.

  • He is Texas A & M Commerce Alumni Ambassador.

  • He is the National Council of Boys Scouts of America Award of Merit recipient. 

  • And he is winner of the 5K for Kindness multiple times (for his age group). 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is a 13 million dollar bond in 1997 to build a new Terrell School and add libraries and gyms to all elementary campuses. 

  • He is a 79 million dollar bond in 2011 (in very poor economic times) to build the new high school and completely restructure the district. 

  • He is a 20 million dollar bond in 2019 to build new cafeterias and add 10 additional classrooms at both Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary Schools. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the Dr. Scott Scholarship ($61,000 and counting).

  • He is Henry Scott Middle School.

  • He is the holder of the key to the city.


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is the casting of a vision 29 years ago. 

  • He is high expectations and accountability.

  • He is "We will become an exemplary district" (and we did). 

  • He has answered to the bell of leadership. 


He is Dr. Scott
  • He is our leader.

  • He is one-of-a-kind….there will never be another.  

  • He is iconic….yet he is humble.

  • He is a family man and a great man.

  • He is the 7th framed portrait on the wall of superintendents in the Administration Building. 

  • He is leaving an everlasting mark on this district and on this community. 

  • He is legacy.

  • HE is Denison.

  • And He has answered to the call of the school bell faithfully for 80 years.


He is William Henry Scott, Jr.


After gathering pictures of Dr. Henry Scott, these posters were produced for display at various events. 

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