DENISON ISD 2022-2023


Committee Co-Chairs

Dr. George Hatfield

Former DISD

Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Kelly Spiegel

Scott Middle School

Committee Members

Tana Hall Adams

Teresa Adams

Cindy Aguilar

John Akers

Laurie Alvarez

Emily Barnett

Doug Brown

Kimberly Cassell

Sherry Christie

Lance Claborn

Robert Crawley

Meredith Doty

Alvis Dunlap

Brett Evans

Hillary Evans

Andru Gilbert 

Horace Groff

Wade Graves

Obie Greenleaf

Suzanne Hall

Brian Hander

Jennifer Harvey

Jerry Hatfield

Jeff Humphrey

Deborah Jackson

Amy Lay

Joel Luper

Tim Neal

Caleb Noble

Jaimee Owens

Melinda Parker

Kari Piazza

Spencer Redwine

Tom Redwine

Shannon Rosas

Lyndsi Scott

David Spindle

Caitlyn Stowers

Ricky Thomas

Kyle Uber

Diana Williams

Mary Zaha


This meeting featured planning discussions regarding:

  • Campus and grade level capacities

  • Master Plan Principles for Denison ISD


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This meeting featured reports from:

  • The Denison ISD Leadership Team on the future grade-level structure of Denison ISD regarding three educational areas of concern:

  • PreK

  • Middle Grades (5-8)

  • Pathways High School (Choice and DAEP)


To view the complete presentation, click here.  


This meeting featured reports from:

  • Mr. Hudson Huff - Zonda Demographics

  • Mr. Rocky Gardiner - Zonda Demographics

The presentation brought before the committee featured a demographic update on the growth patterns throughout the city of Denison. Information included:

  • local economic conditions

  • state enrollment trends

  • Denison home sales trends

  • overview of housing in the city

  • student density per campus

The final component of the Zonda presentation featured their 10-year forecast for the future of the Denison community. 


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MEETING 2 - AUGUST 30, 2022

This meeting featured reports from:

  • Mr. Bobby Atteberry - Interim City Manager

  • Mr. Tony Kaai - President, Denison Development Alliance

The presentation brought before the committee entitled "Community Growth and Development Update" featured a number of key property developments underway and infrastructure projects currently taking place to assist in the city's management plan to accommodate the increasing growth in Denison. 

Following the City of Denison presentation, the Committee held discussions with the goal of developing the Master Planning Principles designed to provide a foundation for the direction the Committee.


To view the complete presentation, click here.  

MEETING 1 - AUGUST 9, 2022

Charge to the Committee

Mr. Bob Rhoden President, Denison ISD Board of Trustees

The committee represents all stakeholders of DISD and is being tasked by the DISD school board to provide
a 10-year District Wide Master Plan that includes the following criteria and considerations.


  1. The teaching and learning needs of all students (Current and Future)

  2. The Denison ISD mission, vision and goals are the foundation for the master plan

  3. The committee will plan for adequate and appropriate learning environments

  4. The plan will reflect the community values of Denison ISD and city of Denison

  5. The plan will provide a 10-year direction for the entire district

  6. The planning analysis and results will be based upon current relevant data, projected future data and best practices for education and planning

  7. The committee recommendation for the 10-year District Wide Master Plan shall address the district in terms of three categories – Immediate (1-2 years), Short Term (2-5 years) Long Term (5-10 years)

  8. The committees' role is advisory to the Board of Trustees


Introduction of Committee Co-Chairs

Introduction of Committee Members

Questions for Committee

  1. What, in your opinion, does this committee need to achieve in this process? 

  2. What, in your opinion, is the most pressing facility need?

  3. What, in your opinion, is the best way for communicating to the public about this committee and the work you will do?

  4. What would you like to learn more about during this process?

  5. What, in your opinion, is success when this committee work is completed?