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For more information, contact:

Denison ISD Education Foundation

Melanie Truxal, Executive Director 
1201 S. Rusk
Denison, Texas  75020
Phone: (903) 462-7050

DEF Grant Instructions & Guidelines

After deciding on a project, complete all pages of the application form. BE SURE TO INDICATE THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS TO BENEFIT FROM YOUR PROJECT!

Your application must not contain the name of the school and/or teacher making the request anywhere in the body of the application (on pgs. 2 & 3). To get a copy of the DEF Grant Application, click the link below...



Need help with the application process?

Shonda Cannon and Kenna Brandt talk about the grant writing process with some helpful tips to make you application successful. Check out this video... 

Project/program submissions

Project/program submissions must be educational and directly involve and/or affect student outcomes/results. Submissions will be judged on its direct educational benefit to the students. The proposal must represent a creative or innovative instructional approach to the accomplishment of its objectives.


The proposal should address a new project as opposed to one accomplished or under way. Sound evaluation procedures must be incorporated in the proposal. The proposal must be CLEAR and logical. Remember, most members of the D.E.F. Grant Committee are NOT in the education field, so please provide a clear description of instructional procedures, methods and materials – so anyone outside of the field of education would understand your request.


Have your principal sign and date the application. If your project includes technology such as computers, iPads, e-readers, or similar, have the District Director of Technology approve it. Applications that include technology that are not approved by the District Director of Technology before submitting will not be considered. Discuss projects that include technology with the District Director of Technology prior to development. Make sure all your pages are stapled together.

Please be aware that the selection committee has the discretion to determine whether to fully or partially award any grant.

Grant proposals that incorporate matching funds from the school, an organization, and/or community resources will be looked upon favorably. Such outside contributions are a sign of commitment to the project and multiply the effectiveness of the grant award.

If you have a vendor website that will give the selection committee more information and would help “sell” your project, please provide that to us.

All items submitted in grant requests must be ordered through an APPROVED DISD VENDOR. A full list of approved vendors can be found at

If you wish to purchase form a vendor not on the list, you must go through the DISD Business Office to acquire vendor approval prior to the grant submission. 

Upon completion, send your application to the Denison Education Foundation office in the DISD Administration building, Attn: Melanie Truxal, no later than 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date. (You may use campus mail to return your application.)


D.E.F. requires that an accountability report be submitted within one year after payment describing the use of this grant, the results achieved and an accounting for the total grant funds. D.E.F. will provide this form at the time grant funds are awarded.

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