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The Friendship Fairy comes to DISD

Denison ISD Library Coordinator Mindi McGehee recently collaborated with the Denison Public Library to have one of the librarians visit the Denison elementary schools and read to our second grade students. Joyce Ullah from the Read to Win staff visited Terrell Elementary on Wednesday to read to the second graders. Denison librarians will visit each Denison elementary school over the next few days to read and give each second grade student a free copy of the book “The Friendship Fairy” by India Phillips.

The India Phillips Foundation supports local public and school libraries with free copies of “The Friendship Fairy”. Libraries have used them as free gifts for their Learn to Read programs and distributed them to kids who could use a free book. Elementary school teachers and librarians have requested copies for entire classes as part of learning the importance of giving to others. This foundation was created to honor India, a 4 year old little girl. The foundation wants to continue to spread the love as she often did. The foundation hopes to remind people how important it is to help others each day.

The Friendship Fairy is a children’s book about a 4-year-old fairy trying to earn her wings. The book was written and illustrated by two of India’s teachers using 3 of the many acts of friendship she displayed at school. The book was written to teach children that helping others and being a friend to those who need it is one of the most important traits we as humans can have. The India Phillips Foundation distribute the books for free to schools, libraries, children’s clubs and Learn to Read programs. It has been used to in conjunction with programs that teach children the importance of giving back in their community. Most of all it teaches them that being a caring person and aware of others people’s feelings is very rewarding to one’s own well-being.

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