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Hatching chickens at Denison High School

Tiny, fluffy baby chicks are giving DHS students in Kathy Beardain’s classroom an up-close and hands-on science lesson in the life cycle of chickens, thanks to a partnership between Beardain and Leslie Carter, Grayson County’s 4-H Program Assistant.

“Carter drove to College Station and picked up our eggs from Texas A&M University…then delivered them to us with complete instructions for the students regarding incubation, care and handling,” said Beardain. “She was great with the kids, giving them very specific instructions on the care of the eggs, the incubator, what to expect and how long it would take the eggs to hatch.”

Beardain said Carter returned to the classroom on two additional occasions to candle the eggs. “Basically, she brought a special light with her that served as her “candle”, enabling her and the students to view the development of the chicken embryo inside the eggs,” explained Beardain. “The kids were fascinated by that, because they could actually see the different phases of development. They also learned that even though eggs are placed in an incubator, not all of them yield chickens.

“While we were waiting for the chicks to hatch, which happened last Friday, we studied the life cycle of the chicken, including early development, care and feeding, and life after they hatch. It was a great learning experience for the students. They loved it … and they’re very grateful to Leslie Carter and Grayson County’s 4-H Program for bringing the interactive study to their classroom.”

Several students in Kathy Beardain’s classroom at Denison High School gently cradled the baby chicks that they hatched and are raising, part of a recent life cycle science study. Pictured with the students is Instructional Assistant Katie Long (kneeling).

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