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DISD’s GT Expo wows guests with creativity, talent

Fourteen extremely talented Denison ISD 3rd and 4th graders re-defined the term “thinking outside the box” with stellar presentations and demonstrations of year-long research projects that showcased their imaginations, intelligence, creativity, research abilities, work ethics and maturity.

Gathered with the students were dozens of parents and friends who were obviously awed by the complexity and creativity displayed in the projects as well as the quality of the presentations. Quiet murmurs of wow, awesome, amazing and incredible could be heard as the guests made their way around the room, discovering creativity and talent at every turn.

“These kids are truly beyond amazing. It’s been such a rewarding experience to watch their hard work and progress throughout the year, to see their curiosity and excitement grow as they learned and became more involved in their projects,” said Amy Neidert, who co-hosts and organizes the event with fellow-GT teachers and Curriculum Coordinators Toni Nunn, Amy Baugh, Andrea Hayes and Henriann Catteau. “These were very involved and complex projects that demanded great thought, planning, critical thinking, research, analysis and discipline. They also covered a wide range of subjects…from technology, video games, astronomy and 3-D printers to famous people, historic events, sports heroes and others. Each of these students met and exceeded the challenges they encountered throughout the year, resulting in awesome and inspiring projects. I’m just so proud of their tremendous achievements.”

A DISD Gifted and Talented third grader gave guests who attended last week’s annual GT Expo an inside look into the history and advancements of the automotive industry, including everyone’s favorite: the fast, sleek and ever-popular Mustang.

DISD teacher Christine Turner gets a quick lesson on everything it takes to make pottery, from clay to kiln, from a 4th grade Gifted and Talented student at Denison ISD’s elementary GT Expo, held last week at the DISD Service Center.

A Gifted and Talented Mayes student gave a fellow-student an in-depth look into the history and evolution of Boeing and the aircraft industry during last week’s GT Expo at the Denison ISD Service Center.

One of many popular spots at last week’s GT Expo was the video game presentation and demonstration by a Hyde Park Gifted and Talented student, which explored the ergonomic design components and circuitry of what makes video game remotes work. “He built a musical circuit using wires, playdough and other components…with his own hand completing the circuit,” said DISD Director of Instruction Shonda Cannon. “All of these research projects were beyond amazing.”

A Houston GT student’s year-long research project compared and detailed Greek and Roman gods, including names, descriptions, roles, origins and much more, in an in-depth project that explored mythology.

A GT Expo project that attracted a lot of interest at last week’s GT Expo was a Lamar student’s project that explored facts, incidents and theories about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. “All of these year-long research projects were very involved and complex, requiring a lot of thought, planning, critical thinking, research, analysis and discipline,” said GT teacher Amy Neidert. “We’re just so proud of the hard work and achievements of these students.”

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