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DHS One-Act Play wins Bi-District, advances to regionals

Denison High School’s amazing One-Act Play cast and crew delivered a jaw-dropping performance of “The Girl in the White Pinafore” at Bi-District competition earlier in March and at Area last week in Flower Mound, capturing top honors and setting the stage for a possible win at Regionals that would catapult them to State.

At Area contest last week, Canaan Thomas earned a Gold Medal for Best Actress, Albany Martin was named an All Star Cast Silver Medalist, Donovan Garza received an Honorable Mention Bronze Medal, and Hunter Arban was named Outstanding Technician.

“In addition to our overall win for best play at Bi-District, we had students who won individual awards as well,” said Matt Schielack, who co-directs the production alongside Nikki Silva and DHS Fine Arts Chair Amy Jordan. “Donovan Garza and Canaan Thomas earned silver medals for earning coveted spots on the All Star Cast roster. Albany Martin won an Honorable Mention All Starr Cast-Bronze Medal Acting Winner award, and Ethan Eubank was named Outstanding Technician Award Winner. It was an exciting evening of great theatre on both occasions! All our cast and crew members performed at top level. We’re just so proud of each and every one of them.”

Denison High School One Act Play cast and crew advances to regionals

Described by critics as very emotional and captivating, “The Girl in the White Pinafore” explores the haunting after-effects of a deadly school explosion in New London, Texas that killed countless innocent children. In time, the children of the school, led by Amelia (the girl in the white pinafore), come back to haunt the guilt-ridden superintendent of the school, William Shaw, who blamed himself for the explosion caused by an improperly installed pipe beneath the school. Hurt and confused, Amelia’s ghost struggles to forgive herself for her mistakes on that fateful day…and Shaw for his part in the tragedy.

“This play is very thought provoking and relevant as it addresses the human condition and historic catastrophes…and all the horrific after-effects that come with them,” said Jordan. “To make this play work and succeed for audiences and judges, our actors have to draw on deep maturity and raw emotions to help viewers experience the tragedy and its aftermath. Based on true events like many that touch our lives today, it’s more a story of the search for redemption than an outright ghost story.”

Schielack said the hard work and rehearsals will continue daily until the Regional contest in Prosper on Tuesday, April 16th starting at noon. “Denison will perform last at approximately 5 p.m., so we’re urging our supporters and theatre goers to come to Prosper and enjoy this amazing show and incredibly talented group of young actors and actresses. It’s a production you’ll remember for years to come.”

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