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“Bulldogs Today…Yellow Jackets Tomorrow”

In addition to education’s time-honored three R’s (Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic), Houston elementary teachers Brooke Kohli and Megan Dickson have added another three R’s to their 4th graders’ bucket list: Responsible, Respectful and Reliable.

Brooke Kohli’s 4th graders work hard to model the positive character traits and strong work ethic promoted by their teachers’ new program entitled “Bulldogs Today…Yellow Jackets Tomorrow.”

Kohli and Dickson created and implemented their new program, entitled “Bulldogs Today…Yellow Jackets Tomorrow!” to foster and instill maturity in the decision-making and actions of all their 4th graders. The goal, they say, is to give students the confidence, self-esteem, behavior models and positive attitudes they need to be proud of how they act and who they are, at all times and in all situations.

Fourth graders in Megan Dickson’s classroom at Houston Elementary proudly display their new “Bulldogs Today…Yellow Jackets Tomorrow!” banner, which reminds them of the three new R’s on their bucket list: Responsible, Respectful and Reliable.”

“We want our 4th graders to be productive, contributing and successful members of the B. McDaniel student body next year…to make the staff and students at B. Mac say ‘wow, this is a really great bunch of fifth graders,” said Kohli. “As educators, particularly in the wake of a pandemic that has upset routines and created challenges, we are working hard to keep all our students on task and on target to be successful, academically and personally.

Houston teachers Brooke Kohli and Megan Dickson took pictures of their 4th graders in a Denison letter jacket and hung it above their lockers. The goal: to motivate them to work hard at being good students and great people.

Dickson said this year’s POPS (Power of Positive Students) theme, “Can’t Hide That Jacket Pride,” has helped students and staff get excited about the program. “Brian Eaves in the Administration Building was more than happy to make us a big, colorful “Bulldogs Today…Yellow Jackets Tomorrow” banner which has added great enthusiasm and buy-in among our kids…and given us a solid platform from which to teach the values of maturity and responsibility. And as always, our principal Kyle Uber is behind us 100%. When we work together for the greater good of all our kids, we can accomplish amazing things for our students, our schools and our community.”


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