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DHS seniors embrace Texoma Promise program

It only took five minutes of computer time for a large group of DHS seniors to apply for entry into a local program that offers potentially life-changing benefits for those accepted: Grayson College’s exciting new Texoma Promise program.

Described as a win-win for all involved, Texoma Promise is a powerful partnership that connects graduating seniors from the Texoma area with local colleges and universities to facilitate access to higher education and strengthen the workforce. For DHS graduating seniors who are accepted into the program at Grayson College, that means tuition-free college that is enriched by priceless mentoring and coaching from some of the area’s top experts.

“This is one of the most valuable and exciting programs to enter our Texoma area in years,” said Kelli Kempson, this year’s DHS senior counselor. “Our graduating seniors who recently completed the Texoma Promise Pledge and are accepted into the program can earn a certification, associate or bachelor degree with absolutely no tuition costs whatsoever. As an added bonus, success coaching and career services are also provided to all Promise Scholars throughout their time in college.”

DHS seniors recently gathered with Grayson College representatives in the DHS lecture hall to learn more about what the program offers, how to apply, and what acceptance into the program can mean in terms of long-term success.

“In the big picture, Texoma Promise is so much more than just a scholarship for our student enrollees,” added Kempson. “The mentoring and workforce opportunities that are provided by Texoma area leaders and businesses are invaluable in fostering and facilitating the eventual success of the Texoma Promise graduates…as well as our local workforce that will ultimately gain highly trained and qualified workers, employees and professionals. As our area grows, we need to be proactive about also growing a strong workforce to meet both immediate and future needs…which is exactly what this school-community partnership accomplishes. When we work together, we can truly facilitate the kind of success that benefits all of us.”

Jayce Randolph, a recruiter for Grayson College, was on hand in the lecture hall at Denison High School to provide information, answer questions and help interested DHS graduating seniors apply for enrollment in the Texoma Promise program, which offers free tuition as well as mentoring and career coaching services.

DHS graduating seniors recently learned about a community-school partnership called Texoma Promise, an exciting new program that connects graduating DHS seniors with local colleges and universities to facilitate tuition-free access to higher education and ultimately strengthen the workforce.

The benefits are huge and potentially life-changing for DHS graduating seniors who are accepted into the Texoma Promise program at Grayson College: tuition-free college for students earning certifications, associate degrees and bachelor degrees as well as tutoring and career coaching throughout their college years.


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